Check out these cute faux fur hooded bomber and parka jackets from UK based store Lasula Boutique . These make a great fashion statement for the fall with the options of different color faux fur . What do you think about it ?

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 19 year old Kara Marie from Bowie , MD . She is a current college student who makes wig units to sell. She also models for one of the hottest modeling companies based in the DMV Models Inc. She is currently the reigning Inc Queen of the company . 

          Let’s check out some #OOTD details ! 

“I chose this outfit because I look classy but still sexy you never can go wrong with all nude and a clean classy bob” – Kara 

For more on Kara’s wigs check out her hair page @stylesbystorm_


For more on Kara ‘s modeling and stylish outfits follow her @_stylesbystorm

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Good morning loves ! Today I’m in a good mood today ! It feels good to go back to church ! I went for a casual look this morning showcasing my love for my favorite color of the fall : Olìve 🍃😻  . Let’s start the week off right ! Happy Sunday !

Olive Bomber – H&M

Top – Wetseal

Bottom – H&M

Bag – H&M

Hat – H&M


Today’s Fxshnjunke Sporltlight goes to 30 year old Lora Lynn from Denver , Colorado .  She is a self taught makeup artist and is currently in school for cosmetology . We are obsessed with this fashionista’s versitile style . She shows how to dress things up and down so we had to learn more about where her unique style comes from . Keep reading below ! 

“I just have a passion for all things beauty especially being able to make someone feel great about them-self once they leave my chair There is just something about a confident woman that lights up a room and I love to be a part of that. “

             Who inspires your style ? 

Lora : I would say my fashion is often inspired by Kim K. I know most people cringe at the sound of her name but I love how glam she can be even when dressed down and I absolutely love to be “Glam’D Down” as I call it. I also find inspiration in men’s look books. I am obsessed with men’s street wear. 

 “As for my passion for fashion goes I believe that fashion is a way to reinvent your personality everyday. Some days I feel like I’m red carpet ready and other days I feel like channeling my inner badass while dancing to a ‘Ciara’ song “

        How would you describe your style ? 

Lora : I would describe my style as glamorous yet edgy at an affordable price. I love labels but I also love to shop a great find at an affordable price and I believe you can still look glamorous without the huge price tag. 

                 What is your goal for 2016 ? 

Lora : My biggest goal for 2016 is to launch my website by summer which is in the works and will also include another branch of my brand which is woman empowerment! I am all for women supporting women and encouraging confidence because with it you can conquer all your dreams and fears! 


For more on Lora’s style , journey and the launch of her website , follow her at @msloralynn

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 23 year old Heenah . Scotland to California this marketing graduate who has a passion for fitness and fashion just launched her online clothing brand
            What/who inspires your style?

Heenah :  Generally, I am influenced by the colors of the season and what’s “hot” and then taking those influences and turning them to fit my style more. 

           How would you describe your style? 

Heenah : My style ranges depending on my mood, so it can be anything from classy and minimalist chic- jeans with a plain white shirt, to more glamorous figure hugging clothing. I incorporated my personal style into the pieces for this collection, making sure each dress has an hourglass shape. 

Above : Fashion pieces from H2 The Label . Shop  here
The styles you can expect to find will be sexy, fashionable and most importantly affordable pieces that are inspired by current fashion trends and celebrity styles. I have also used stretchy fabrics that have plenty of stretch and hold so that it compliments your body.

               What are your goals for 2016?

Heenah :  I am currently in the process of turning my passion into reality by launching my online clothing store. I have always wanted to do something in fashion so I decided to really focus and go for it!

 What do you plan to do in the next 5 years? 

Heenah : My goal is to grow my brand and broaden the world of H92 The Label. It will be great to collaborate with different people in fashion and other industries.


For more in Heenah , and her brand H2 The Label . Make sure to follow her @miss.h2

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 21 year old Adrian Caprice from Nashville , TN . 


“I would say I have a chic and edgy style. I love playing with prints and different colors. People inspire my style! I love seeing different looks and different styles from people all over the world. In 2016, my main focus is to grown my fashion blog! In the next 5 years, I hope to be a college graduate living in LA. “

Check out her #OOTD details from her picture above ! 

Bomber – Forever21

Top – Local Boutique called Blush 

Shorts- Forever21

Boots – Charlotte Russe

For more on Adrian’s style , follow her @adrian.caprice

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 22 year old Eric Richardson from Havre de Grace, Maryland . He has loved fashion ever since he was young . So many of his friends and family loved the way he dresses they started to ask him for fashion advice which made his decision to be more apart of the fashion industry as a stylist . 

” I would save all my money to afford clothes I would see on music videos & TV shows & magazines.”


How would you describe your style ? 

Eric : I would say my style is urban/versatile/flashy. Depends on my mood & where I’m going . Everyday my clothing choice change ,sometimes I want to be very classy , then I want to be different and create a urban style . I love switching an trying new looks . 
For more on Eric’s journey , follow him at @iceyrichh

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 26 year old Precious from Dallas , TX . She started blogging after completing her bachelors degree in 2014. 

Since graduating, she’s been blogging full time for her blog and collaborating with companies across the U.S. Her style consists of styles for less. 

                  What/ who inspires my style ? 
Precious : Depends on my mood at the moment. Some days I’m more into a full dressed up look high heels, a nice LBD and accessories other days I’m more into a relaxed vibe Nike shoes, jeans and a plain shirt. 

         How would you describe your style ? 

Precious : Classy yet versatile. I like to mix and match old clothing items with new ones. 
           Goals for 2016 and the next 5 years ? 

Precious : To travel, create more content for my YouTube channel : 1LovelyPrecious and collaborate with more companies. In the next 5 years, I plan on completing my masters degree in business. Some day I’d like to open up a small boutique in my hometown. Travel the world, marriage and last but not least have children. 😊 


For more on Precious style journey , follow her @1lovelyprecious 

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to Bronx, New York native , B.Hawk .  Coming from two basketball driven parents that also had a great passion for music and a unique sense of style , the edgy but friendly “B. Hawk” was born. Growing up in The Bronx, NY really opened his eyes to a variety of artistic backgrounds and views. At the age of 5 his mother enrolled him into dance and piano classes. After years of training and multiple performances with Harlem Hospital Dance Clinic, he later attended Fiorello H. Laguardia Highschool for Art & Performing Arts. After Highschool he attended FIT college for Fashion Design, stared in the hit MTV show “Friendzone” and started to work on a another passion of his which was music & styling. 


Fun Fact – B.Hawk once had long locs that he recently cut off . 

He decided to put together a music group called “O.F.U” with 3 highschool friends and they later released a mixtape called “Universal Jungle”. The group later disbanded and he went onto continuing solo music success with his own creative sound mixing Hip Hop, Pop and Rock. B. Hawk recently has moved from NY to Atlanta with the hopes of creating more creative projects for the world to see.  

             What made you become a stylist ? 

B.Hawk : Well it started with me designing my own clothes in Highschool. A lot of my friends also wanted certain pieces that I created. I think that’s when I started to enjoy designing and styling. I didn’t start to take it seriously until after college. I love being creative and making people feel confident about themselves in what they’re wearing. I only enjoy styling when I’m having fun…if I’m stressed or feel negative energy…I don’t do it. 

           Name 5 celebrities you would style . 

B.Hawk : Beyonce, Raven Symone, Willow Smith, EJ Johnson and Wendy Williams. Most of these people have a very unique personal styles and great stylist but sometimes I feel like they need a little “B. Hawk Magic”. Haha! Bonus Celebrity : Michelle Williams (singer)


              What/who inspires your style ? 
              B.Hawk : My Family, Friends…Life.

          How would you describe your style ? 

B.Hawk : Unique, androgynous and I’m constantly inspired by other cultures around the world. I sometimes mix Indian, Asian and African cultural fashion influences into one. They are all so expressive and beautiful with the way they carry themselves with different fabrics, colors and textures.

              What are your goals for 2016 ?
B.Hawk : To be happy and not just for 2016..but for the future. Also continue growing as a artist and learning more as a human. 
 What do you plan to do in the next 5 years ? 

B Hawk : Create my first music album, a affordable fashion line, my own TV Show and start a Family in NY or London. Wish me luck! 

To keep up with B.Hawk’s journey , make sure to follow him at @jusbhawk . 

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to my fellow DMV native , 29 year old KiRa Henderson from Takoma Park , Maryland . She is a fashion stylist and blogger . She explains that her style is inspired by things around her such as architecture , colors and other various things . 

“I would describe my style as fun, unique and sometimes androgynous I rarely wear heels and I still like to feel girly. ” – KiRa

      Check out some #OOTD details below ! 


                Coat – Asos | Shoes – Nike 

We asked KiRa what her goals are and here’s what she had to say : 

My goals for 2016 are to take my styling and blog to the next level .In the next 5 years I will have written a book, traveled the world and styled lots of people in it and inspired the world with fashion and let people know wear what makes you happy, fashion can change your life.


For more on KiRa’s looks and blog follow her @hendersonkira

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IT’S 2016 , LET’S WORK ! 

2016 is the year of growth and success . We at Fxshnjunke want to see everyone making moves cause as DJ Khaled says ” They don’t want to see us winning , so we’re gonna win MORE ! ”  We’re currently looking to collab with online clothing , shoe , and accessories boutiques from around the world . Do you need some exposure ? More traffic to your company ? Let’s work !
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