Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 27 year old curly- haired fashionista who is also known for her “Fro-Hawk” ,  Leniza Evy from Cape Verde . She is a blogger and natural hair advocate who has a loved passion for soccer . Although she hasn’t been back on the field yet due to an awaiting knee surgery , during this time she has been killing it with style and being a motivating natural hair influencer . Read more below ! 


Q: What made you become a blogger ? 

Leniza : Being a blogger was never something that was planned, it really just happened and I love it now. 

Q: Who inspires your style ? How would you describe yours ?  

Leniza : My style is inspired by different eras of fashion . My style is a mix of everything of current or old trends . It always change . 


Q: What are your goals for the rest of 2016 ? 

Leniza : My 2016 goal is to become my own boss. #Entrepreneur

For more on Leniza’s natural hair tips , and fashionable outfits make sure to follow her @leniza_evy

Watch her Fro Hawk tutorial below 

Thoughts on her article ? Comment below ! 

Written by @dasiatheceo



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