Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 18 year old Kolby Chandler aka Koko Clinton from Dallas, Texas. He is one of our faithful Fxshnjunke supporters who is into every angle of fashion such as modeling,styling, and being a fashion inspiration to others.With his very unique and edgy style that most people don’t have , he loves to try to set trends. Check out more below !

Q: How did you become interested in fashion ? What do you like about it ?:

Koko Clinton : I’ve always been interested in fashion when I was young. I would always play games online having to do with clothes because it caught my attention. I love that in fashion you can be creative by the clothes that you wear from day to day.

Q : How would you describe your style ?:

Koko Clinton: My style is a piece of every Trend that is now goin on. I go off how I’m feeling the day I get dressed. Because one day I might feel like being real comfortable with sweats but when I wear my sweats or anything of that I will still slay it .
Q:Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Koko Clinton: My favorite places to shop would be online because it’s very hard to find things that’s nice in store for men’s fashion. So I love to shop on online stores such as Asos, Zara, and urban outfitters .

FullSizeRender (12)

I believe that I can be a mogul and be well known around the world. I have a lot of personality.

Q : What do you like about what you do ? How long have you been doing it ?

Koko Clinton: I like about what I do is that I can be me and do what I love which is to dress up. I really tapped into my style this year because I was able to get a job and have money and put my image together

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?:What are your plans for 2016 ?:

Koko Clinton: In 5 years I see myself in L.A. Working with Rihanna, Beyonce, or Nicki Minaj and other celebs in the industry. I also see myself getting a name for myself working with those celebs and start to do collabs with clothing lines and selling my products.  My plans for 2016 would be to first go to college and stack up my money and then make boss moves.

To keep updated with Kolby’s awesome goals and dope style, make sure to follow him @Kokoclinton !!!

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 18 year old designer and stylist , Saara-Samantha from Tallinn,Estonia . Soon to be graduate from high school and going forth to study fashion , her most recent collection ELYSIAN is out for sale now . Check out more below !

Q: How did you become interested in fashion ? What do you like about it ?:

Saara: I think having a family with such creativity it will sooner or later start to be part of my life. My mother and uncle are big inspirations to me .
Q: Where would you want to study fashion design at ?
Saara: I would really love to go study abroad and London seems to be the perfect place for that. I will apply to as many fashion schools as I can.

Q: How would you describe your style ?:

Saara: I love to wear clothes from different styles it always has to do with my current mood. Boho, classy or bit indie/rock.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Saara: Lately I have been a huge fan of online stores like saboskirt and asos but I will never get tired of H&M and Zara.

Q: Tell us about your fashion line , Elysian . How did you come with the name ? What kind of styles did you design ? How can people purchase them ?

Saara: Elysian-beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful and perfect. My collection was 6 dresses that I had on my mind for such a long time. I wanted them to be perfect and every piece of my clothes had a story on my mind. These 6 dresses are for sale and you can contact me via facebook. I didn’t want to make alot of dresses because I had to or to sell them alot. So 6 first will get them. 

FullSizeRender (5)

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

I love fashion and as I am from a small country, I crave to be a fashion designer one day like my uncle in London.

Q:  What do you like about fashion designing  ? How long have you been doing it ?

Saara: I’ve had a real passion for fashion design almost 4 years but I have always loved to go shopping and care about what I wear.

Q: You stated that your uncle is also a fashion designer in London, that definitely has to be inspiring !  What is his line called ? Whats difference between his line and your line ?

Saara: My uncle’s name is Kristian Steinberg ,  he really is my inspiration and you can purchase his clothes http://www.kristiansteinberg.com 

Our main difference is that he makes menswear but I make womenswear. I like to create clothes for women because it actually makes me have a huge fantasy and I create clothes that I would wear. 

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?:

Saara: Find alot of inspiration, relax, travel and enjoy the time that I actually can start doing things that I love . I have graduated fashion design in London and participating in fashion weeks, also would love to see people buying my clothes from my own shop.

FullSizeRender (4)
For more on Saara ‘s collection make sure you contact her via Facebook for purchase and follow her @saarasamantha for more designs !

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 22 year old blogger and medical student Kamogelo Thutoetsile aka Camwithlove from Cambridge ,UK. Besides her chic style , Cam is a Motswana medical student at the University of Cambridge with a love for art, poetry and fashion. Her goal is to live out every dream ,every love and learn and inspire in the process oh.. and let’s not forget start a fashion line ! . Check out more below !

Q: What do you love about fashion ?

Kam: The voice it gives us all.

Q: How would you describe your style ?:

Kam: Chic and elegant

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Kam: Wow, ok, loads: Zara, top shop,h&m, Asos, misguided, also custom made things

FullSizeRender (10)

Q: What kind of fashion line do you want to start ?
Kam: It would be for women (LOL),  I reckon ages 18-45, the audience that is currently attracted to the blog.
Q: What do you plan to accomplish once you graduate from medical school ?
Kam: I plan to have launched an online fashion/luxury brand by then , something my country currently does not have. In addition to practicing medicine and doing a lot of voluntary work and teaching I want it to be very evident to the young girls in Botswana and elsewhere , that you can be anything and everything you want to .
It just takes a lot more hard-work, and time , but it can be done; that you do not have to be one thing . Creativity is something that shouldn’t be killed or hidden, it should be shown off.
Q: What obstacles have you had being a medical student ?
Kam: It is so hard. This is not an understatement, I’ve never been this challenged mentally, spiritually and emotionally in my life . What makes it easier.
 I have learned , is creating, you know staying true to the little girl in me. Meeting  people of different sorts as well helps (even the bread man in the town market).
Q: What kind of art and poetry do you like?
Kam: The honest type. What I means is poetry that reflects our times because that’s what good art is about . So Warsan Shire has been one of my favorites for a while now. Richard Siken, the honesty , the rawness the way he tells stories is beautiful. And recently Justina Kehinde, who’s just graduated from Cambridge actually, and her poetry is moving, it forces you to think and I love that.

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Kam: Graduate, travel, read more books, hopefully start a fashion line or lay the ground work at the very least , practicing medicine, preparing to specialize in something neurology related (I love the brain) .Running or at least laying the ground work for this epic fashion line I’ve been dreaming about.  I see a lot of teaching, travelling , and of course I see myself doing the things I love doing and perhaps new things, who knows…



Make sure you follow Kam  @cam_withlove and visit her blog at http://www.camwithlove.com/


Today’s Fxshnjuke Spotlight goes to designer, artist, and photographer 19 year old Ricky Isaacs from London. Isaacs, who says he always haven’t had things handed to him and that he always had to go out there work for it and get it himself . Read more below !


I can achieve anything it just takes some time and patience and eventually I’ll get there. But I would love to pursue a career in the fashion photography industry.

Q: What do you love about fashion ?

Ricky:  The fact you can express your personality through fashion it will always amaze me , you can wake up one day feeling very emotion and express how your feeling through your dress sense for eg: dark colours.

Q: How would you describe your style ?

Ricky:  My style changes all the time but if there was one word I could use it would be risky because I feel like it’s essential that you should take a risk when styling an outfit just to take that risk and over come it you’ll feel amazing


I’m that quirky, bubbly , always got a smile on my face young fashion KILLA

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Ricky: I love H&M , Shop Jeen , River Island , Asos , Boohoo , Ebay , Thrift Shops!

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ?

Ricky: Putting myself out there and networking with many different people & hopefully my photography plans and ideas will kick off around August 2016 so fingers crossed all goes well


Make sure to follow Ricky @Tripppyricky for more of his work


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Yesterday Rihanna announced the return of her Creeper shoe that is apart of her #FentyxPuma collection . It’s set to come out on May 26th all at participating stores and online .

The 3 new colors are all white , all black and olive or hunter green with a taste of maroon on the side . Check out more below !

“The Creeper” is set to retail for $120. Will you get them before they sell out ?! Comment below ! 

Be sure to shop these shoes at us.puma.com


Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 28 year old College Park , GA native , Shenae aka the Blonde Hair’d Girl who is a blogger , designer and stylist . Currently residing in Daegu, South Korea, Shenae loves traveling to Asian countries and seeing their influence to the fashion industry. “I’m hoping to implement what I see from fashion shows to my very own designs and clothing line to soon be featured in fashion shows.” . Read more below !

 Q: How did you become interested in fashion ? What do you like about it ?

Shenae : I starte out with a degree in Middle Grades Education then quickly entered to school to peruse my dreams in fashion as a stylist. Fashion just excites me; it allows me to express myself with articles of clothing.

Q: How would you describe your style ?:

Shenae : My style is like a unicorn. Hard to believe it exists and comes together as something DOPE!

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?:

Shenae : Thrift stores, yard sales, and dope indie brands.

Q: What do you like about what you do ? How long have you been doing it ?:

Shenae : I  have been into fashion for a long time, but I have been blogging and doing fashion industry supplements (styling, show dressing, photography and more) for approximate 7 yrs. When I am doing anything pertaining to fashion I love it because I learn things every day.

A piece of paper saying I have a degree only solidifies book knowledge but volunteering and helping clients allow me to learn things on a different level that can’t be taught.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?:

Shenae : In 5 years I see myself owning my own storefront and traveling to attend fashion shows.

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ?:

Shenae : To present my Fall collection, attend fashion shows with my line on the runway and attending LA Fashion Week.

For more of Shenae’s looks make sure you her @blondehairdgirl and visit her blog at www.blondehairdgirl.com
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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 22 year old blogger Amira from Frankfurt, Germany. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that likes to wear scarfs, headwraps and turbans, “which isn’t so common in the German blogger world”. Check out our mini interview below !

Q: When did you start blogging ? How long have you been doing it ?

Amira: January 2015.  1 year and 5 months

Q: What is the fashion like in Germany ?

Amira : Depends on where you are or what you do, fashion can be quite mainstream or individual and inspiring.

Q: What are some of your favorite German shops

Amira : Zara, Mango, Asos, Bershka, Cos, & other stories.

Q: What do you love about fashion ?

Amira: I love how you can express your mood, your way of thinking and almost everything with fashion.
Q: How would you describe your style ?

Amira : Unique, sporty & classy
Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Amira: Zara, mango, asos 

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ?
Amira: I want to become The better version of myself, in everyway.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to be a blogger ?

Amira : Stay true to yourself, otherwise it’s going to be hard to inspire people with what you do and it’s going to be hard to keep up with blogging.

 For more on Amira’s fashion looks, make sure to follow her @ami.coco and visit her blog at http://www.amicoco.com


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Hey #JUNKS ! It’s cold as hell on this Sunday . Hope you guys have a good day on the Lord’s day . I went for a chill look for church today ! My glasses make me feel like Kim K West and my whole outfit make me feel like Teyana Taylor lol . Outfit details below . Oh , don’t worry I didn’t cut my dreads off 😼

Top- ( dress worn as top ) H&M

Bottom – Leather Pants – H&M

Shoes – Wetseal

Glasses – Coming soon at FXSHNJUNKE STORE

Necklace – H&M


Style comes from within through creativity and that’s exactly with friend to Fxshnjunke and Chicago born stylist Dutch Davis has. I had a chance to chop it up to get an inside scoop about the Chi-town native and his dope fashionable style. You guys may have seen him plenty of times , but who is he ?

I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006.

Twenty-four year old Dutch Davis was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. Growing up Dutch always knew he wanted to be in the fashion industry. After graduating high school, Dutch quit his job at the post office and flew out to New York to spend some time assisting stylists and creative directors, to build his portfolio and contacts in the industry. Over the years, Dutch had the pleasure of working with a host of celebrities, photographers, models, and a variety of brands. He continued to build his clientele with upcoming artists, modeling agencies, and clients from previous jobs. Today, Dutch is a signed wardrobe stylist represented by Factor Artist and visionary that continues to conquer the fashion world one look at a time. So let’s talk style !

Dasia: When did you know you wanted to become a stylist ? How long have your been styling ?

Dutch: Originally I wanted to be a designer but when it was time to look into colleges before graduating, I visited a few design schools and the prices was crazzzy!!! I still wanted to stay in the fashion industry so I thought styling was the next best thing. I’ve been styling professionally for about 4 years now.

Dasia: What inspires your unique style ? I love it !

Dutch: What inspires my style ? Being original in life and letting people adapt to you. 

Dasia: How did you become interested in fashion ?

Dutch: I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006. Every since then I’ve been Fashion Fashion Fashion lol.

Dasia : Did you take any classes based on styling / fashion ?

Dutch: I actually stop going to college mid freshman year and moved to New York. I did not take any classes on fashion nor styling, just a lot of studying and researching.

Dasia: Your work was recently noticed in one of the biggest fashion magazines Elle, how did that happen ? How did you meet recording artist Tink and have the opportunity to style her ?

Dutch:  Yesssss ELLE!!! It was major, thank you. ELLE just happened honestly IDK, the photographer called me  , and I’m Like omg ELLE Mag just reached out saying they want to see some recent images of Tink to select for a write up. But they didn’t tell us when it’ll be published nor which picture they picked. I got the Opportunity to style Tink actually from the same photographer that shot the image for ELLE. He hit me one day back in 2014, like Tink want to shoot and she needs a stylist, are you available and whats your rate…… and its been history since.

A stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment.

Dasia: Where are your favorite go to places to shop ?

Dutch: My fav go to spots are Zara,BCBG,Top Shop, Barneys and Asos. I love to mix high-end and low-end together to get the perfect balance.

Dasia : What are you favorite trends for the spring ?

Dutch: I tend to stay away from trends lol, NO SHADE.But my favorites are still always classics are “denim on denim, suits and sneakers, forest green, and monochromatic”  


Dasia: What is it like styling for photo-shoot vs styling for fashion shows ?

Dutch: Well I only style photo/video shoots but its a lot of fun to see and know the behind the scenes scoop on what it takes to create an amazing piece of art (a photo). I stay away from Fashion Shows, they run over time, its chaos back stage and its to many clothes to keep count of.

Dasia: What were your favorite looks of the recent Met Ball Gala ? Who slayed ?

Dutch: WHO SLAYED??? *Zendaya *Beyonce & Solange *The Smiths Kids *Jennifer Hudson *Anna Wintour *Claire Danes *Ciara *Kendall (To name a few lol)

Dasia: Yassssss they did ! lol  How do you define what being a stylist is ?

Dutch:  Being a stylist…..ughhhh… I’ll give you my take personally a stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment. Someone that can speak to an audience with a look without saying a word. In so many word a wardrobe genius. 

Dasia: What are some key points an aspiring stylist must know when they are prepping to become an official stylist ?

Dutch:  Key points:

  • Have contracts upon any services you provide. 
  • Have a visual portfolio either print or digital.
  • Be and remain profession on set and with client.
  • Study fabric,textiles, cuts and fits.
  • Always stay ahead, research and take risk.

Dasia: MAJOR KEY ALERT ! Lol Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Dutch: Next 5 years, I see myself slaying 5 major celebrity clients, and being a creative director for a major fashion house. Just living my dream . Enjoying what I do best.
Dasia: So you already styled Tink, if you can style 4 other celebrities who would they be?

Dutch: Keke Palmer, Sia, Adele, Willow & Jaden Smith

 I had so much fun with this interview and I hope guys got to know more of how dope Dutch really is ! Want to see more of his work ? Make sure you following him @dutchtheomen and visit his website www.dutchdavis.com


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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 25 year old Monte Woodruff from Nashville , Tennessee. This lover of all things fashion who loves to dress up likes the idea of styling people and finding their perfect outfit to accommodate their style  . “I love when my close friends ask me or send me pictures to my phone so they can get my opinion on what they should wear ” . Read more below !

Q: What do you love most about fashion ?

Monte : What I love about fashion is that it gives you the power to express yourself through colors and clothes
Q: How would you describe your style ?

Monte :  I would describe my style as the more hip hop urban streetwear

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Monte : Asos, h&&m, forever, pacsun urban outfitters and even the goodwill I just love to mix and match all there pieces 

Q: What are your plans for 2016 ?

Monte : My plans is to meet people who are just like me networking and even help people who are also stylist designers in the making

Make sure to follow Monte @astronaut_Kidd_ for more stylish looks .

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I had the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite fashion blogger couple , Rosanna & Winston Javier aka GlamDapper about the pro’s and con’s on being married , taking care of their adorable daughter and working together as a couple while having a blog. Originally from the Dominican Republic now currently residing in NY,  Their blog is primarily about their aspect on fashion, beauty, travel , lifestyle and more . Check out our convo below !


Dasia: How did you all come up with the name GlamDapper ?

GlamDapper: Glam is short for glamorous and Rosanna has always emphasized for beauty and elegance. Dapper is for Winston due to his influence by a well-groomed and sharp gentleman. We wanted to choose to adjective the helps describe our individual styles.

Dasia:  How long have you guys been together ? What made you guys start a duo blog ?

GlamDapper : We been together for 11 years and married for 5 years. People always complimented us on our style so we thought it would be a good idea to start a platform where we can give back advice to others about fashion.

FullSizeRender (1)

Dasia: Has there been any controversy since you guys are a blogger couple  ? What obstacles do you faced ? 

GlamDapper: No it’s actually been very positive, there aren’t many Latino couple bloggers and people in general relate to us.The only “obstacle” the we have faced was when brands only want one of us because their campaign only wants a female or male, we still think is beneficial and do it because ultimately we want our followers/fans to received the best we can offer.

Dasia:  You have over 100K people following your journey, how did you react when you reached 100k ?

GlamDapper:  As we started to gain followers we got very excited because it was proof that our context was well received – this also fueled us further to continue and work even harder.

Dasia:  I love when both of you guys coordinate with your outfits , Who comes up with the outfit ideas/styling etc ?

FullSizeRender (2)
GlamDapper: We both work together on outfits but for the most part Rosanna establishes the overall look. Example Rosanna might pick my shirt, blazer pants and I would pick the accessories that I thing would give it the “pop”.

Dasia:  What are good cameras to take lifestyle/outfit photos ?

GlamDapper: We use the Sony A6000 or our iPhones 6s Plus for some of our photos but when we are shooting for brands/campaigns we get a photographer to provide top notch quality because these usually end up on their websites and by doing this it serves as a resume for later work and showcases our professionalism. (This is a tool to get more work)
Dasia: What inspires both of you guys style ?

GlamDapper: Winston style is inspired by the classics infuse with some current trends and colors for the modern times. Rosanna style is inspired by the ladylike sophisticated silhouettes. Don’t give us wrong we also like the urban/casual clothes (jeans, sneakers, joggers).

Dasia: Where are you guys go to places to shop at ?

GlamDapper: We shop at many places – our goal is to provide our audience the accessibility in case they want to purchase a similar they can find it easy. Stores: Zara, Express, H&M, Forever 21, ASOS, Uniqlo, Nordstrom, Suit Supply and outlets. We love high end brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford even if we can’t afford them, but we feel it’s MORE important to use brands that most of our audience can relate to. We prefer to be the style couple of the masses not high-end models.
FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Dasia: What are you guys favorite trends?
GlamDapper: We don’t really follow “trends” we normally use our own style, mix it with some trends and in the process create a unique look.
Dasia: You guys are also parents, how do you deal with parenthood and blogging ?
GlamDapper: We have a 2 year old (Chanell) and a yorkie (Paris) we management out time by one parent babysitting while the other one works on writing, editing, researching etc.

 Dasia: Do you feel like since being in NY which is a fashion capital state there’s a better chance to make it as a blogger?

GlamDapper: Yes NY is better in terms of attending events and networking at those gatherings but thanks to technology (Internet) a couple in Montana could have a similar effect on the industry.

Dasia: Have you guys been to any fashion events in the city ? If so, where ?

GlamDapper: We’ve attended NYFW shows for the past 2 years – Michael Costello, Nicole Miller, Moniquel Huillier, Ohne Titel, Libertine, Rebecca Minkof, Bibhu Mohapatra and others can’t remember.
Dasia: That is so exciting ! Have you came across any celebrities being in NY ?


GlamDapper: Chiara Ferragni, Diddy, French Montana, Olsen Twins, Hillary Duff, Lucy Lue and many others that we can’t remember. Celebrities are not our priorities, we get more excited about creating content and engaging with our followers because we feel we can make a meaningful difference in their lives and ultimately this brings us happiness.
 Dasia: Who is pretty much in charge when it comes to editing, taking photos etc. or do you work together as a team?


GlamDapper : We generally work together although Rosanna focus more on the creative part (outfits, photo styling) Winston focus on the business side of the blog (design, emails, inquiries, contracts, ideas, editing) and for most of our photos we use a professional photographer (Andrew Morales from NYC)

Dasia : What is advice for anyone who wants to start a blog ? What can your followers expect from you this year ?

GlamDapper: Anyone that wants to voice their views on anything we say GO for it.They can expect more original content, unique partnerships with lifestyle brands and possibly the first GlamDapper “product” for consumers.



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