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( Above: Adidas CMO, Eric Liedtke and Kanye West )

Adidas just announced that they will be extending their partnership with Pablo himself. There are talks that the new line will be called Adidas + Kanye West and it will include sneakers, apparel, athletic gear for both men and women plus retail stores for his Yeezy line.

Adidas and West first worked together on the Yeezy for Adidas Originals shoe about two years ago.

“This partnership illustrates that anyone with a dream can dream without limitations,” West said.

“Kanye is a true creator who has the ability to see things others don’t,” Adidas CMO Eric Liedtke said. “With adidas + KANYE WEST we are exploring new territories by opening up the sports world to Kanye’s creativity.”

Adidas said that West’s first fashion line presented in February 2015 as Yeezy Season 1 cemented its collaborative partnership with the rapper. ( Via CNN )

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( Above: Kanye and Adidas Team )

Kanye also changed the fashion game earlier this year by selling out Madison Square Garden showcasing his new album The Life of Pablo and Season 3 of his fashion line Yeezy which featured nameless celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Lil Yatchy, Young Thug, Ian Conner and more ! ( View pictures and more of Yeezy Season 3 here )


Congrats on the long term partnership Ye’

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to Charlotte ,NC professional hairstylist , Natoya Williams . She is the owner and master stylist at House Of Chic studio located in Charlotte, NC that is  a one stop shop where they provide hair care services, makeup services, and wardrobe consulting. Check out our interview as we learn more about hair care , her studio and more !

Q: What do you like about fashion ?

Natoya : The ability to express individual style. I love mixing prints, and trends like distressed denim and pumps and dusters and sneakers. I enjoy pushing the envelope.

Q: What inspires your style ? How would you describe your style ?

Natoya: A blend of edge and class….I’m inspired by what I’m feeling like at the moment.

(Above & Below – Styles created by Natoya and her shop The House of Chic .)

Q: How long have you been a hairstylist ?
Natoya : Ive been a professional stylist for 6 years. I realized that energy is everything. I wanted to create and maintain the mood and presence of the atmosphere. That’s when I knew that I wanted my own establishment.

Q: When did you know you wanted to have your own shop ? How did you come up with the name House of Chic ?
Natoya : Prior to hair, I obtained my BA in Social Work. Accomplishing this milestone enabled me to be able to work with people of all races and demographics. I eapecially loved working with the at risk population—youth and families. The common denominator that drove me then and still drives me today in the hair industry is witnessing the TRANSFORMATION. Then it was with clients behaviors and perception and now its with clients appearance perception. So when it was time to think of a name for my salon I wanted something that spoke to THE WHOLE woman. CHIC is it! I purposely did NOT say House Of Chic Hair Salon because I always knew that the vision was more than hair.

Hair was just the initial service. Chic is defined as an element of class… excellence in style, dress, and manner without being flashy or pushy. I chose House Of Chic because the structure and design of the house (if you will) is chic and all the services that will eventually be offered will make up the whole woman. We currently offer hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling services. My vision for the HOUSE includes life skill crash courses, tutoring, and much more!

Q: What are some tips of taking care of natural hair and your weave ?
Natoya : Here are a few quick tips!
Natural Chic-ettes- Always moisturize the hair! Natural hair tends to dry out easily or soak up product. After clarifying shampoo, shampoo with moisturizing shampoo and hydrating comditioners. After shampoo—Apply serum on wet hair and oils on dry hair–just a dab of oil should do. You don’t want to weigh your hair down! Natural hair should have body too!

Weave- When you are wearing a quick weave, always use bond removers around the perimiter before shampooing out. This will help to avoid hair loss. Sew Ins—You must see your stylist for maintenance. It is NOT over just because you received your install and style! You should be receiving routine shampoos and conditions with your weave install (at least twice a month).

Q: If you could slay/style 3 celebrities hair who would they be ?

Natoya : If I could style 3 celebrities I’d chose Rhiana, Kelly Osborne, and Gabrielle Union or Kelly Rowland. (3 was tough)… They all potray a great blend of class and edge at the same time!
Q: What are your goals for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Natoya : My 2016 goals are to continue to manage the studio and also to expand. I plan to bring on new stylist to join the chic team.

If your in the NC area and looking for a stylist make sure you follow and book your appointment with Natoya @madamechic_ & @theehouseofchic.

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 21 year old blogger and model Abeeb Yusuf from the lively city of Dublin , Ireland . Despite having a huge interest in fashion he is also in this 3rd year of college studying pharmaceutical science. Check out our mini interview below !

I really love clothes. It’s a way of expressing myself and also telling people who I am without even saying anything. I also love to dance.

Q: What do you like about fashion ?:

Abeeb: The idea of putting different pieces together to make one whole outfit that complement each other

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Q: What inspires your style ? How would you describe your style ?:

Abeeb: The weather really inspires my style lol.. I just noticed that as of late, if it’s a nice sunny day I tend to go for nice vibrant colors,and if it’s a dull gloomy day I tend to pull out my grey attires lol.. occasions and seasons also inspire my style . My style is more street and urban. I do wear formal attires but I would make it my own type of formal with a bit of an urban look to it.


Q: What are your goals for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Abeeb: My goals for 2016 is to get through my 3rd year of college successfully and also enter the fashion community and make a name for myself cause I feel like I have a lot to offer. I see myself working with Kanye West on the new yeezy SZN 8 line.. I also see myself dancing alongside chris brown cause I’m that ambitious lol

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For more on Abeeb’s style make sure to follow him @mrabyusuf

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Singer Chris Brown , 26 , has been giving us an exclusive look at his primarily men’s clothing line Black Pyramid for quite a while now via his Instagram ( @chrisbrownofficial) despite all the Kevin McCall drama – just kidding ! We’re starting to think these designs are pretty dope ! Let’s take a closer look at it below !

Which one would you buy ? Shop Black Pyramid  now at blackpyramidclothing.com Also on macy’s.com

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