The awaited collection of Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma , #FentyxPuma is due to release on September 6 . Earlier this year Rihanna deputed the line at NYFW which featured male and female in black and white edgy designed pieces , shoes and accessories .  Are you ready ?  Take a look below to see the full collection.

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In today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight we’re getting the inside scoop on 19 year old DMV native Christian who is also the owner of street-wear brand GNOB apparel. Christian envision’s herself as a hardworking , young entrepreneur who is intensive and prideful in everything she does. I had a chance to learn about how she started her brand and more , read more below !

Striving for success and nothing less! – Christian

Dasia : Why did you want to create a brand ?

Christian: I wanted to create a brand I can expressively use as my creative platform. While some people express their feelings and emotions through either music or singing,I do so through what I wear.

Dasia: What do GNOB mean ? What motivated you to start your own clothing company ?

Christian: “GNO B” is an acronym for Generation Brainwashed. Being able to be my own boss motivated me to start my own clothing company. I now have a business that I can call my own.

Dasia: What are your current favorite trends ?

Christian: I’m not one to dress according to the latest trends, so I don’t have a favorite, although I tend to stay up to date with them. I will say I’m a big fan of graphic tees and sneakers. You’ll catch me in a chill fit 90% of the time.

Dasia: Who designs your products ?

Christian: All of the designs that are on my tees and hoodies are hand drawn by me.

Dasia: Who are your favorite stylish celebrities?

Chistian: My favorite stylish celebrities are M.I.A and Chris Brown. I really love M.I.A’s confidence and how she embraces her style at the age of 41! I also love the edginess Chris brings to fashion; definitely love a man that can dress.

Dasia: What are your plans for GNOB in the next 5 years ?

Christian: My plans for “GNO B” in the next 5 years is to simply continue to thrive on originality. I hope by then I am able to bring out the creativity and uniqueness in each individual who wears Generation Brainwashed.

Dasia: What/who inspires you?

Christian: I am inspired by people who know themselves and aren’t afraid to be just that. I embrace individuality and I’m all for knowing your truth.

Dasia: What do you want your company to bring to the table ?

Christian: I would like for my business to bring uniqueness and pure originality to the table. It can’t get any more real than that

Dasia: Where can people purchase GNOB items ?

Christian: You can purchase GNO B on http://gnobapparel.bigcartel.com . Fall products coming soon

Make sure to follow Christian on twitter : @khrisssssssss (9s’s) and visit GNO B’s website : http://gnobapparel.bigcartel.com

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I was amazed when I came across 4 colorful two piece sets on twitter with over 4k rerweets and was even more amazed that these were handmade so of course I wamted to get a more inside look at this brand.  The 22 year old , Long Beach, Calfornia owner of TheRichEra , Kiera Richburg is a on and off again college student still trying to figure out life one day at a time who ever since she was young always managed to use the right side of her brain more than the left and has become accustom to the artsy side of life and for that reason she is now running her own hand made clothing line which continues flourish everyday. I had a chance to speak with the designer on how she managed to build her brand designing these cute dope unique pieces. Read more below
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Dasia: What motivated you to start designing ?
Keira: Truly designing isn’t something I envisioned myself doing. I am a very inconsistent person, I bounce from one thing to another.So designing was something I actually started doing as a child. Making clothes for my dolls and sketching mostly, my mom would always tell me I should be a designer. However it never really sparked my interest in that way. Fast forward to a few years ago I started selling handmade jewelry and from that I sold wholesale clothing, then from that I hired a seamstress to make clothing for me. This inspired me in a way I figured I could learn to hand make my own clothes and cut out the middle man. From that I learned to love it and its been a learning process.
Dasia: How long have you been designing ?
Keira: Unlike most people who have been designing for years, I have only been designing full on for about 8 months. I’ve grown so much in this short time, I feel like I have been doing it for much longer.
FullSizeRender (6)
Dasia: What inspires you when you are in your design process ?
Kiera: The things that inspire me when designing is the people. I try and mix my style with what I think other people my age would like. Sometimes I am inspired by more simplisticthings as well like the fabric or colors, it all depends.
Dasia: Did you go to school to for designing ?
Kiera: No, I  have never gone to school for designing or anything related to designing. I am telling you this is something that I just stumbled into. In fact I learned how to work my sewing machine on FaceTime with a boy named Micah I met on Instagram. I am so grateful for him being generous enough to share his talent for I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have today.
FullSizeRender (8)
Dasia: If you could design for 3 celebrities who would they be ?
Kiera: If I could design for 3 celebrities it would be; Karrueche Tran because she is so beautiful and I love her style, KeKe Palmer because her style is so diverse and ever since she followed me on twitter I assume we are friends, & August Alsina because  am totally obsessed with him, his style has completely transformed I would do a men’s line just for him.
Dasia: What does Rich Era stand for/mean ?
Kiera: “Rich Era” actually stands for KiERA RICHburg which is my name meshed together. However I feel like the meaning is also personal to me since its my name its like i am reminding myself its the rich era, like a time or period of greatness and success. It is like my name and who I am embodies prosperity.
Dasia: What was it like in the beginning stages of Rich Era ?
Kiera: The beginning stages of the rich era clothing line addition was surprisingly successful yet overwhelming. I designed my first sale piece a month after learning to sew.
I posted it on twitter not expecting anyone to actually like let alone buy it. From that I got 3,988 Rts and over a 100 orders, I had to actually shut down my site. Since I was expected to make all these items myself I was completely excited and nervous. I feel like I am still in the beginning stages right now,  its all about progress. I am just making sure my business is a little better than it was yesterday.
FullSizeRender (2)
 Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Keira: Ok, so I am a person that lives in the moment,  I don’t focus much on the future since it is unknown. However I hope to be happy. Not matter where I am in life or what I am doing if I am happy then I am content. I feel as though nothing is greater than happiness, once you’ve reached happiness in life you have found your true destiny.
Dasia: What can customers expect for Rich Era for the rest of 2016 ?
Keira: My customers can expect the rest of 2016 to be filled with changes, new looks, new items, better quality and faster production.
– XOXO RichEra
Shop therichera.com for more cute dope pieces
Twitter: @therichera
IG: @therichera
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Yeezy Season 4 will be showcased in the opening day of New York Fashion Week on September 7th . Will you be attending ?

Kanye also announced via Twitter the temporary Pablo stores and their locations to launch this weekend . No word on where exactly each store is going to be located but check out the places that were announced below . Stores will open August 19th

via ( kanyewest.com )
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I had an amazing time shooting w/ my sister , my sunflower , photographer , dancer , graphic designer , model and also real good friend of mine Shaiday Dancy , owner of Sunflwx Artistry .

We’ve been planning for months to link up and collab and literally the day before this shoot , we ran into each other , so it was clearly gods way of telling us to work together even though we knew we were going to see each other the next day . Footage provided by @12vintvproductions

Check out the official video of behind the scenes of “Flwxin with Fxshnjunke” then head over to sunflwxartistry.wix.com/sunflwx for the official photoshoot pictures and full interview .

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I love coming across other bloggers , artists,  youtubers etc that reside in my city because it makes me feel not alone as a person who grinds everyday towards their goals . I had a chance to talk fashion with 23 year old Maryland native and fashion youtuber Octavia “Glamazontay” Outlaw about she manages to remain consistent with get YouTube channel while attending a historically black college , plus the beginning stages of her fashion career and more !

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Dasia : How did you come up with the name Glamazontay ?

Glamazontay :  Actually my friends always called me glamour girl , amazon is a member of a legendary race of female warriors so i look at that as strength and tay is short for octavia so i just put them altogether

Dasia : What school are you attending and what are you majoring in ?

Glamazontay: University of Maryland Eastern Shore , Fashion Merchandising

FullSizeRender (58)

My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one.- Glamazontay

Dasia : What do you like most about attending  an HBCU ?

Glamazontay : I love being around culture and diversity .I also feel HBCU colleges are more family orientated and I feel that creates such a positive learning space.

Dasia: What is it like having roommates , staying on campus , going to classes , partying and still trying to maintain your grades ?

Glamazontay : Its intense I won’t lie but you make time for what you want to do . So with that being said I usually make time for studying , classes and partying. Far as roommates and staying on campus I actually have my own apartment off campus so Ilike that way better than being in a dorm ugh (HATED IT!!) my roommate is poppin though I love her .

Dasia: What/who inspired you to do YouTube videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?

Glamazontay : I was inspired by myself to do youtube . I would often look for someone wearing colorful hair and had multiple piercings with an edgy style. I couldn’t find anyone , well anyone that looked like myself. So I decided why not make a channel for those who are looking for the same.

Dasia : Who are some of your favorite Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : Aaliyah jay , Tymetheinfamous , Keesha Kaylee

Dasia: How do you manage to still have time to do your YouTube video and school ?

Glamazontay : Both are a passion of mines so I just make it happen I don’t know how I do because I’m literally always busy but I make the time and always tell myself everything will be worth it.

Dasia: What cameras / equipment do you recommend for beginner Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : I recommend your phone and I movie . Honestly I started with my iPad and after I realized this was something I wanted to take serious I began investing in more expensive equipment.

FullSizeRender (62)

I was inspired by myself to do youtube- Glamazontay

Dasia : What are some key tips beginner Youtubers who are also in school should know ?
Glamazontay : Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me!
Dasia : How did you become interested in fashion ?

Glamazontay : My grandmother actually got me interested in fashion , believe it or not I use to be a tomboy and she just said to me one day “you need to put some color in your life” and it was history from that day on .

Dasia : I’ve seen that you also design clothes as well , how long have you been designing ? What motivate you to want to become a designer ?

Glamazontay : Ive been designing since 16 I recently took it serious though with opening my own online website . I find my motivation from honestly just wanting out of the box stuff that you normally don’t see ever . I love prints , and bright colors.

Dasia : What is your clothing line about ? Can people purchase any of your items you have designed ? Is there a new collection coming out ?

Glamazontay : My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one. I will be having something new in fall 2016 so be on the look out . Also you can definitely purchase anytime on my website http://glamazontay.bigcartel.com 

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FullSizeRender (54)

FullSizeRender (55)
Dasia : If you could design for 3 celebrities who would they be ?

Glamazontay : Nicki Minaj , Miley Cyrus and Dej Loaf

Dasia : I love your fashion lookbooks ! Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Glamazontay : I love Fashion Nova and simmi shoes.They are BOMB DOT COM

Check out Glamazontay’s recent lookbook below !

( PS: Check out our Top Places To Shop Online for Summer 2016 here , fashion nova is definitely one ! )

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?

Glamazontay : Edgy , Bold and Daring

Dasia : Give us to two fun facts about you that your subscribers don’t know .

Glamazontay : – Im scared of the Dark

– I use to want to be a Veternarian

Dasia : What motivates you to keep going everyday ?

Glamazontay : My future and I’m excited to see what god has in store for me .

Dasia : Congrats on reaching your 70K subscribers milestone ! What can we expect from Glamazontay for the rest of the year ?

Glamazontay :  A very big surprise coming soon!

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Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me! – Glamazontay

Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Glamazontay : Living in Los Angeles ,California , Expanding my store as well as working as a traveling Fashion stylist .