Just wanted to let you guys know about how my 21st birthday went and it was fun for most part because of what I made it ! It started on last Sunday the 18th , when I attended the Titan Arts Awards which was held at the Howard Theater in Washington, DC which is a known historic venue in the DMV area. The purpose of the Titan Arts Awards is to recognize local talent in the DMV area whether if they are a singer, clothing designer, blogger, rapper,  dance group , etc and also honor top people who have been making an impact for our community whether if they are part of the gogo world ( gogo- is a music style that the DMV is known for which was created by legend Chuck Brown, may he RIP ), radio , music and more.


I enjoyed all the performances loved seeing the different outfits that people had on. I am also happy that I got to meet and connect with of the dope people from the DMV area that I’ve already been following their journey via IG and new people that I never met before, some where also performers that night aswell. Let’s just say the power of networking is soooo real.



Next day which was my official birthday, Dec 19, I went out with my bestfriend to one of our local casino’s and we made the best of our night and had some crazy laughs too lmao ! I finally closed my birthday out with going to this seafood sports bar and lemme just say I will be going back alot now cause I am a lover of seafood and it had good drinks, good food, and good music. Me and my friends were lit ! Also shoutout to my friend for telling the DJ give me a bday shoutout when he play Bad and Bouje ( thats my song lmao ) even tho I didnt even want a shoutout but when he gave me the shoutout he forgot my name LMFAOO !


Anyways, thank you so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes and I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year ! Oh, yeah did yall peep my announcement that Fxshnjunke Spotlight is coming back like it never left ? If not


Love, @dasiatheceo



2016 was such a great year of learning about dope entrepreneurs , youtubrrs , hairstylists , models , bloggers and more ! If you don’t know what Fxshnjunke Spolight is,  it’s where we feature aspiring , upcoming , and successful people from all over the world .

This year we interviewed Wardrobe Stylist , Anaya L8ter , Blogger couple Glamdapper . Fashion Stylist Jason Nelson aka Lick My Fashion , Youtuber , Glamazontay , and so much more creative people . Next year it’s gonna get even better ! New people , new stories ! Are y’all ready for this comeback ?
If you haven’t already caught up on this years Fxshnjunke Spotlight click here

Written by @dasiatheceo


Kylie Jenner will be launching her online merchandise shop on December 10th,2016 which will feature personalized “KYLIE” brand calender’s, hats, sports sets, underwear,hoodies,  phone cases, t shirts and more. Take a look of whats to come below.








Follow @@thekylieshop for more updates and be sure to visit to watch the countdown for the release of these items on 12/10/16.  Which item will you purchase ?


Written by @dasiatheceo


I’m trying to get more into wearing sneakers and these new Jordan 11 “Night Maroon” shoes tho ? 😩🙌🏾 – BOMB !  .

They are sooooo sick ! It’s apart of the Heirness collection and the matching shoe of the Jordan Air 1 Red Velvet sneaker that was released on Halloween this year . This all around burgundy shoe with velvet material along the perimeter is the ultimate fall shoe !!! It’s due to release on December 17th . Retail price is going for  $220

Are you going to cop this holiday sneaker  ?

Written by @dasiatheceo