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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight takes an inside look at Bahi Cosmetics.In this interview talk with 20 year old Maryland native and owner, Danielle Bahi on how she started her dream cosmetics line and the obstacles she faced since launching.



Dasia: Tell me something about yourself?

Danielle: I have a level of creativity that makes me seem odd to others

Dasia: I came across this company on Twitter and seen how bomb you are and how everyone really likes what you have to offer . What inspired you to start your own cosmetics line?

Danielle: I’ve always wanted to create a makeup line. I’ve been constructing Bahi for over 2 years mentally but lacked funds. After two years of holding off on a dream because of funds, I refused to let the funds stop me from accomplishing my dream. So I accomplished the mental dream I had. Didn’t want to hold back any longer

Dasia: How long has it been since launching Bahi Cosmetics ?

Danielle: Bahi has been running for 4.5 months now

Dasia: What are some pro’s and con’s to owning a business?

Danielle: Owning a business yet alone a business where you are your own distributor isn’t as beautiful as people paint it. It’s hard work, restless nights and a lot of dedication. You will see things, experience things and get frustrated over things all for a greater outcome. You will sacrifice all of you for your business at times. But it does provide freedom for a creative. You’re working on your own time, you’re your own boss & most importantly, you’re doing what you love.


Dasia? What are some of the obstacles that you faced since launching Bahi Cosmetics ?

Danielle: Bahi faced issues from software issues to misunderstandings. A while ago, Bahi’s men (the men who ran the Bahi page) held a discussion on the Bahi page that backfired because of misunderstandings and plays of words but we learned from it and grew from it.

DasiaL How did you come up with the name ?

Danielle: It’s actually my last name.

Dasia: When did you know that you wanted to become a makeup artist ?

Danielle: 5th grade, when art became a form of escape for me & I vowed never to let it go.

( above : Some of Bahi’s customers slaying in their products ) 

Dasia: What do you love about makeup?

Danielle: I love everything honestly

Dasia: How long have you been doing makeup ?

Danielle : I have been doing makeup for 7 years now. I’ve been an esthetician for a year now

Dasia: What makes you different then any other makeup brand ?

Danielle : I don’t do this for the money, I do this to actually bring a smile to someone’s face and that’s the best goal I can have. Seeing people happy about my products and seeing how my products change people is my form of therapy. It makes me feel as if I’m doing something right.)

Dasia: What product(s) are your best sellers ?

Danielle : So far? The serum had been selling like crazy & It’s because it’s magic in a bottle.

Dasia: Have you hear of Fxshnjunke before? If not, what you are thoughts ?

Danielle : I heard about to through a friend and so far my thoughts? You guys are pretty awesome!

Dasia: Thanks so much ! ☺️ . What can your customers expect from Bahi Cosmetics in 2017?

Danielle: You can expect more surprises like the eyelashes and much more items popping up soon on the Bahi page)

Dasia: Where do you see Bahi Cosmetics in the next 5 years ?

Danielle:  We shall be selling right next to Tom ford and also have our own store


Make sure to follow Bahi Cosmetics on IG and Twitter @bahicosmetics and shop the latest products at shopbahi.com


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Yess our girl Ayanis is back at it again with another single You Musta Forgot produced by Mello The Producer . I’m loving the visuals in this one ! So excited to see more of her work for 2017 ! View full video below !

Check out our previous posts of Ayanis here

Make sure to visit www.itsayanis.com to listen to more of her music and follow her on IG : @itsayanis

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Have you heard Cash Money/Rich Gang ‘s Jacquees new mixtape Since You Playin? Fans have been patiently waiting for more music every since last mixtapes Mood and Lost At Sea . Jacquees said via IG that the album is still in the works and since we been waiting this should hold us until the album releases. I’ve only been listening to this mixtape for one day and I already have like three fav songs lol. Since You Playin features B.E.D remix which was the most popular song from Mood which features Quavo and Ty Dolla Sign. Other features include Tory Lanez, Tank and more.

Download Since You Playin now at Sprinrilla, Live Mixtapes, Dat Piff

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 28 year old Baltimore, MD native Dayna Bolden aka @ItsDaynaDane who is a mom, wife, blogger and co founder of the blog @CHICNaturalistas ! . Dayna talks with us about how passionate she is about inspiring women to embrace their natural hair in style and uplifting and encouraging women to pursue their passions.  

Dasia: Let’s talk about how you became a blogger, what inspired you ? Is it your fulltime job ?

Dayna: I became a blogger after starting my social media page @chicnaturalistas. After the success of that page, my partner Brittany and I decided we should expand upon our style and hair on a blog, so we started chicnaturalistas.com and haven’t looked back since! Currently, I am working my blog like it is a full time job, but I do still have a 9-5- for now 🙂


Dasia: How long have you been blogging?

Dayna: I have been blogging for 2 years


Dasia: I love what you and Marcy are doing with CHICNaturalistas , which is a natural hair and fashion blog combined. How did you two meet ? How did you guys come up with this idea ?

Dayna: Brittany (aka Marcy Marz) and I have been friends for over 15 years! We both went natural together, and have always loved fashion. One random day, we decided to create a platform where we can showcase the beauty of natural hair while merging our love for fashion. We felt that there was a void in our community where both the hair and the fashion was combined, so we decided to fill that void.


Dasia: For new followers, what exactly is CHICNaturalistas about?

Dayna: A CHICNaturalista is about the fashionable and stylish woman who embraces the beauty of her natural hair. She is effortlessly classy with her style and creative with her hair. She is fierce, she is bold, she is herself. She is a CHICNaturalista. This is what our website and platform is all about; showcasing and inspiring that woman.


Dasia: What is some advice for aspiring bloggers who wants to become a blogger fulltime?

Dayna: I would definitely say it does not happen overnight. I have been blogging for two years now and I still have a ton of goals that I want to achieve before I leave my full time job. But I must say, in order to get to that level, it will take a ton of hard work, effort and passion. You have to be willing to make certain sacrifices to go above and beyond for your brand in order for it to reach its full potential.


Dasia: How long have you been natural?

Dayna: I have ben natural for 4 years.


Dasia: I’m obsessed with your pictures, what camera do you use?

Dayna: Thank you so much!! I personally use my iphone a lot, but I do have a Nikon D5300 camera that I use if I shoot my own style photos. But the majority of the time, I work with a few different photographers. ☺


Dasia: I also love that you’re in my area as well (DMV) , and I’ve seen that you have collaborated with so many other natural hair bloggers in the area as well, such as Natural Temi and Ronkeraji , what do you love about collaborating with other bloggers?

Dayna: I think collaboration is great, and I am all about woman supporting other woman. One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to meet and create with other like-minded creatives! It is the best thing.


Dasia: Let’s talk about how you be slaying on a daily basis. Absolutely love your style! What inspires your style?

Dayna: Thank you so very much! Honestly, my style is inspired by my mood, whatever I am feeling that day is what I will put on. From super classy chic, to dressed down and casual. I like to switch it up. But one thing that remains constant with my style, is that it is clean, timeless and CHIC!

 Dasia: Favorite places to shop?

Dayna: I am loving Zara right now. Every time that I go into that store I am guaranteed to find something! I also love Top Shop.


Dasia: What are your current must haves for the fall/winter? 

Dayna: My current must haves are cute high-ankle boots and a fur coat!


Dasia: Have you visited the new casino MGM yet ? If so, what do you think about it?

Dayna: I haven’t visited it yet, but I am down for you to take me and help me win some money lol!

Dasia: LOL !!! Not only are you a blogger but you’re a mom and wife aka #ThemBoldens ( love that lol ) , What do you think is the key of managing your blog and family at the same time ?

Dayna: Aww thanks so much! Yes, it is definitely a struggle at times, but what I have found to work for me is prioritizing and time management! I start my days SUPER early (like 4:45am) so that I can tackle everything, from blog work, 9-5 work and mommy/wife duties. I am hashtag Never Not working lol, but I love what I do so I make it work. It definitely helps having an understanding support system like my husband and family that helps me when I am traveling for my blog, or attending events!


Dasia: When did you see or hear about Fxshnjunke ? What are your thoughts on it ?

Dayna: I have been following you all for a long time, I think since the beginning. I remember when you had around 500 followers! I love how much it has grown! I found you through Instagram simply because you have shown so much love and support to my page. I love that you are consistently sharing dope looks that inspire me! I love what you are doing, keep it up!!


Dasia: Awee thanks so much 😊 .  What are some of your goals for 2017?

Dayna: Some of my goals includes to continue to grow my blog and personal brand, have an event here in Baltimore and build a business that will allow me to be my own boss-forever.


Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Dayna: In 5 years I see myself owning my own creative agency,  an accessories line for CHICNaturalistas, and having an amazing blog on the level of Fashion Bomb Daily! ☺


Be sure to follow Dayna @itsdaynadane and visit CHICNaturalistas  @chicnaturalistas and www.chicnaturalistas.com


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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features visual artist and college student Amber Rayne from PG County ,MD . Amber is your favorite “do it all ” girl who can do everything from modeling , design , photography, creative direct and so much more . In this interview we talk what inspires her vision , her goals and more !

Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?
Amber: I think I’m a vampire because no one believes how old I am so I think I just stopped aging lol outside of that, I’m a visual artist in love with fashion, design, color, and anything that feeds my soul.
Dasia: What keeps you motivated everyday ?
Amber: The desire to be my own boss and living a fulfilling life that makes me happy is really what motivates me.
Dasia: You have so many talents which includes modeling, photography, graphic designing etc, which one do you love doing the most ?
Amber: Its really between modeling and photography. Those are the two things that really helped me start being creative again after years of suppressing it because of stress. I never thought of pursuing anything art-related or visually expressive as a career when I was young so both of those helped remove the block.
Dasia: What do you like most of being an visual artist ?
Amber: I can express myself in any way that I feel. Whether it be the way I dress, style my hair, painting, drawing, or just CREATING period and having people respond to it.
Dasia: How did you get into modeling ? How long have you been doing it ?
Amber: I got into modeling because my best friend Leah encouraged me to. She set up my first photo shoot and from there more people asked me to shoot and I end up landing paid shoots freelancing so I just kept doing it. I’ve been modeling for about 5 years and it was something that really helped boost my self-esteem because I used to have really low self-esteem and a pretty negative self-image.
Dasia: So you attend Bowie State as a Advertising/Marketing/ Graphic Design major, what is your dream job that you want to pursue after graduating college ?
Amber: My dream job would be to be a creative director. I love putting together and planning projects down to every detail. That’s my favorite role when I’m shooting for a project.
( above: some of Amber’s photography work)
Dasia: You are also a lover of photography, what kind of camera do you use ? What are some beginner cameras for anyone who wants to start their photography journey?
Amber: I shoot with a Nikon D7100 and this the third camera I’ve owned. I recommend the Nikon D3100 or D5100 if you have a little money to spend and you’re just starting.
Dasia: How would you describe your style? I love how your outfits are unique and vintage.
Amber: I have a very eclectic style. I can’t really describe it. I really just dress how I feel but I do love vintage and thrifting. I will literally shop anywhere.
Dasia: What is your current favorite trends for the winter ?
Amber: Neutrals! I’ve been on a very monochromatic binge with lots of nude and olive.
Dasia: You attended the recent Afropunk festival,and it looked so much fun and I’ve loved how different everyone dressed. I’ve never been before ! For those who dont know what Afropunk is, how would you describe it and how was your experience?
Amber: My experience was amazing. That was my second time going and it’s sooo much fun! I love watching people and just looking at everyone’s clothes. Its the perfect place to get eccentric and make costumes with your outfit. The musical performances are always awesome but its really the people that make Afropunk. The energy there is crazy and its a great place to network and connect with people.
Dasia: What do you think is the significance of collaborating with people from your city ? Who are some people you have collab with in the DMV area ?
Amber: I think it is SO important to collaborate with people from your area. We have so much talent here and I think people are finally starting to realize there’s so much power in coming together rather than competing. I can’t even name all the people I’ve worked with over the years because I’ve worked with so many people!
Dasia: Loved your choker line you recently were selling in your online store , what are some new things your customers can expect ?
Amber: Well, I’m currently working on revamping my website and relaunching. The store will have a new look, there will be new chokers for purchase and possibly other accessories as well! I’m really excited!
Dasia: How did you hear or notice Fxshnjunke ? What are your thoughts about it ?
Amber: I found Fxshnjunke on Instagram and have been following for a while now! I really love how it highlights so many different styles from so many different people. It’s really inspiring too see people support each other through fashion.
Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017 ?
Amber: My goals for 2017 are to finish my degree this year, travel to LA, NY, Atlanta and as many other places I can travel to, to work and make connections. I currently work for myself so I just want to continue to expand my brand and business.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Amber: I see myself constantly traveling for business to other states and internationally to shoot, create art, and being HAPPY AF. lol
Make sure to follow Amber @theamberrayne to see the latest of her work !

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features fashion blogger and owner of No Ordinary She , Ada Oguntodu . Straight out of the UK, Ada is the just a girl who loves to play with clothes in which we instantly loved her style from the start. From taking her own photos to running her own blog she talks with us about her views on trends , celebrity style and how she is able to do what she loves every single day.


Dasia: What inspired you to become a fashion blogger ?

Ada: Something called ‘Social Media’ sprung up from no where and I thought yes!!! This is my chance, now or never!

Dasia: How long have you been blogging ?

Ada: My blog took off Mid  2014, so approximately 2 and a half years now. 2 and a half years of so much fun doing what I love the most.

Dasia: What inspired the name No Ordinary She ?

Ada: ‘No ordinary she’ represents an attitude to dressing up… Forever experimental, playful and unconventional attitude to fashion. A woman whose not afraid to be whatever she wants.

Dasia: When it comes to taking blog photos, what is some advice you can give aspiring bloggers who wants to perfect having bomb outfit photos ?

Ada: I take my photos myself and I have to confess it’s tougher than when one has a  dedicated photographer. However, whichever way you get your photos taken, be patient, take lots of shots, move around, try different facial expressions and poses and in the end hope that you get a shot that interprets your look just the way you intended.

Dasia: Let’s talk style, I’m obsessing with how creative your looks are what/who inspires your style ?

Ada : Aww thank you so much! Like I said, for me it’s all about the fun attitude to clothes. Its about looking for other possibilities rather than what we already know. It goes way beyond  buying the most expensive things on the racks because the beauty of it is guaranteed. I get the kick from taking an ordinary piece and making the most out of it.

Dasia: How would you describe your style ?

Ada: I would say experimental. Love a mix of street, retro and chic… want everything! lol

Dasia: Now , you love to bargain shop, which would you rather prefer, thrift store, clearance racks  or both ?

Ada: Thrift Stores all the way!!! Loll. I can’t deny I love sale seasons though…. The more I can get for my money the better, it just means I have more to play with, win win! 🙂

Dasia: Where are you favorite places to shop ?

Ada :I adore H&M. Mango, Zara, and Topshop are also at the top of my list.


Dasia: Current favorite fall trends ?

Ada: Although I’m not very big on trend, but for Fall I would always love the resurgence of anything Khaki. Parka jackets in  particular

Dasia : Name 3 celebrities you think have slayed for the entire 2016 based on their style/ looks ?

Ada: Celebrities are not exactly the most stylish people I know, only one comes to mind though, Solange Knowles if you insist. I’d rather go for Fashion Magazine editors like Yasmin Sewells or Sarr Jamois etc.

Dasia: Now lets talk hair, loveeee your bush ! What are some key tips to maintaining natural hair, whether if its a bush, curly , straight, etc.

Ada: Conditioning all day errday!  🙂

Dasia: What keeps you motivated everyday ?

Ada: Just the unconditional love I have for dressing up. You‘ve got to love anything you do in life because there will always be good and tough times, discouragements, disappointments but your love and passion keeps you going regardless.

Dasia: You have been doing some serious traveling girl ! lol . Where were some of the places you traveled to this year and which vacation was your favorite and why ?

Ada:  I have traveled for both work and pleasure, mostly pleasure though. My favorite for the year will have to be the Xmas holidays in LA With my entire family. Mum slaying in her kitchen with delicacies, lots of family games, banters…. Nothing more perfect! 🙂

Dasia: Have you heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts about it ?

Ada: I definitely know fxshnjunke. I have to first of all thank you for all your love and support all the years so far. I’m nothing without all the love I get from the likes of you and I might not say or show it much but I’m crippled with love for you guys, thanks so much! You rock!

Dasia: Aww thanks so much ! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Ada: In 2017 I’m just going to continue to be myself, learn from my mistakes and use my experience so far to get better at what I do.

Dasia: Where can you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Ada:  I hope by then I’ll be doing this full time, consultations and most likely a fashion line… fingers crossed 🙂


Make sure to follow Ada @stylebyada and visit her blog at www.noordiaryshe.com

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 23 year old Belarus and Moscow fashion blogger , Antony aka Delta Mars who is a lover of street , style aspiring designer and creator. In this interview we talk how he started his own clothing line, some of his favorite places in Moscow and more.



Dasia: How did you get into fashion?

Antony: I always liked to look good and during high school times I became interested in a variety of clothing brands, try to find some of them here… [Moscow] but when you’re schoolboy from Belarus you can’t afford to buy full collection of Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci, which at that time was my biggest passion. Over time I increase the range of exciting brands for myself and became to my own sense of style and fashion.

Dasia: Your style is so dope, how would you describe your style?

Antony: Thank you again. It’s fully street style only, I don’t get into all this traditionally men clothing with suits and short, in my opinion, t-shirts, don’t hate it, but it isn’t for me. I like a lot of luxury brands, but look at their new collection now, all of them are inspired by street style.

Dasia: I’m such an advocate for layering, what are some key tips for anyone who wants to portray that look?

Antony: I absolutely love layering! The most important thing is: have basic long tank tops as the lowermost layer. As basic I mean black, white, grey, burgundy and another 2 or 3 of colors that you wear. Also important for layering is a flannels, in warm times it’ll be your top layer. I have too much in my collection and do it in F.G.L. line too.

Dasia: Your also a designer and creator of your own clothing line which is called FGL. What inspired you to become a designer?

Antony: At first I want to mention that I do it with my very good close friend Dima Bychick. As I mentioned above, I started to get involved in good clothes in high school. Since that time I was looking for the perfect form of clothing for myself. I have tried many types of clothing,  it was wide jeans as Fat Joe would wear and super skinny as Lil Wayne. I have understood that clothes always need to change for yourself & after it I thought “why can’t I  just do  everything by myself”. So..this is it.

Dasia: What does FGL stand for? What kind of clothing do you design?

Antony: It’s clothing where we are feeling our self. This is mantra, most important thing: to do what you like for yourself , what you would wear for yourself. It makes absolutely no sense to do something without passion and love. All divided seasonal, but main thing is shirts with perfect color and tailoring on our opinion, flannels & ripped denim.

Dasia: If someone wants to start their own clothing brand, what are some good manufacturers that can help?

Antony: Ohhh…the very first step is to define creativity, can you make t-shirts or denim, paint or create new forms. After should talk with experienced local brand owners. Here [in Moscow], everything is completely different in the industrial sector from all over the world, so it’s hard to say really. But everywhere there is a college where they teach seamstresses, there really can always help with the start of production.

Dasia: I want to visit Moscow someday! ,and I love the Russian fashion culture, What are some of your favorite Russian brands?

Antony: Sounds good! So…you obligatorily need to check Volchok Clothing (instagram.com/volchokclothing) & Actual Negative (instagram.com/actualnegative), these two brands of clothing are made by one person. First is a very famous and the second not popular here, but you need to check it out. Local hyped graphic t-shirts by Sever Clothing (instagram.com/severclothing) and Dobrota (instagram.com/dobrotaclothes). Very good winter jackets by Grunge John Orchestra & for fashion Outlaw Moscow, Daniil Landar, crazy talented Tigran Avetisyan, Sorry I’m Not, NAIDAL and Alexandre Plokhov.

Dasia: This is bomb, I definitely have to check it out. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Antony: Internet..really much easier to find something on the internet and simply order. Vintage shops can be good too. Love Tsvetnoy. For basic it’s H&M & Zara, Adidas & Vans for good shoes.
Dasia : For anyone who wants to visit Moscow, where are some places to visit, shop, eat ,etc?

Antony: Visit: Red Square, MMOMA, design center ARTPLAY, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, RusImp Museum, Triumph Gallery, Multimedia Art Museum and Tretyakov Gallery.
Shop: Tsvetnoy Central Market, they got everything; SVMoscow – they get exclusive collaboration with Vetements and Kim K. rock it; KM20  – they collab with FourTwoFour on Fairfax; Flacon; GUM; TSUM.
Eat: Fruits&Veges (at ARTPLAY), Haineken bar, 45th Parallel (at Tsvetnoy) but best to try street food because it’s always unique.
Dasia: You also do some modeling for different brands in the Moscow area, what brands have you worked with. ?

Antony: Always with Volchok includes events, lookbook and runaway. Also BRVSKI, Sever, Dobrota, Artgo, Tvoi Vrag and Alex Pierre.
Dasia: How did you bear about Fxshnjunke? What do you think about it ?

Antony: Instagram. I think you do great work, this interviews, own since of style, streetwear shoots, personal content all look good.
Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Antony: I wanna make some secret poison collabs, do more of flannels and denims. Make a lot of clothes and get out of the country is fashion sense.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Antony: Hopefully start a big fashion line and work on it at the very least. I wanna visit a row of cities to this time, so I don’t correctly know at this time. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I want be on top…everybody wanna be on top.

Make sure to follow Antony @deltamars for more of his dope outfits.
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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features an inside look at how entrepreneur ,youtuber and , fashionista 24 year old Kaylar Will starting her own cosmetics line , Kaylux Cosmetics . In this interview she talk with us about the obstacles she faced starting her own business, her favorite places to shop and her future plans for Kaylux.
Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?

Kaylar: I’m ambitious, loving, but tough.

Dasia: What inspired you to start your own cosmetics line ?

Kaylar: The lack of brown skin in the beauty industry. The lack of products suitable for brown skin. As I’m getting older I’m realizing if these brands and corporations don’t want to include us, then we need to build our own.

Dasia: How long has it been since starting Kaylux Cosmetics ?

Kaylar: Almost a year, my website launched early April 2016.

Dasia: What kind of cosmetics products do you sell ?

Kaylar: Right now I sell face and body highlighters, lip gloss, setting powder. I will be releasing several new products for the spring and moving more into body/skin care.

Dasia: What are some obstacles that your faced while trying to launch KayLux ?

Kaylar: Honestly, my lack of business knowledge. I encourage everyone to take some business classes before launching your own, especially if your goal is longevity. I had to learn as I went and that’s very difficult and I made mistakes I wouldn’t of made if I had learned certain things previously. Also, there was a financial obstacle as well but I’ve always known how to make it work, figure it out.

Dasia: What is the top selling item your customers seem to love ?

Kaylar: The vacation body highlighter oil and the face highlighters which was my first product.


Dasia: What are some tips for anyone who wants to start their own cosmetics line ?

Kaylar: Research, research, research. You not only need to know business inside and out, but makeup as well. Don’t rush things of your business will not last. Think “the long run” not “fast money”

Dasia: Im obsessed with your style ! What inspires it ?

Kaylar: Kim Kardashian is my inspiration. I never had someone relate to me, as far as style goes, until her. I’m very simple, I like neutral colors and solid colors. But I enjoy being sexy, as every woman should, so I tend to buy things that are basic but aren’t too boring. My boutique will be launching in about two months and it will be 100% based on my style. Basically like you’re shopping from my closet.

Dasia: Where are your go to places to shop ?

Kaylar: American apparel is my favorite place. Simple and sexy.

Dasia: OMG Did you hear about American Apparel closing ALL of it’s 110 stores ? Click the link to see my post about it here .

Dasia: You also have a great following on your Youtube channel, where you post content on beauty, hair, skincare and more, when can your subscribers expect more videos from you ?

Kaylar: Yes I’ll be posting new videos in a few weeks!

Dasia: If you could collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

Kaylar: I don’t think I would collaborate with anyone, well I don’t have anyone in mind but if someone asked maybe. I’m like the most social loner you’ll ever meet. I’m very approachable and chatty yet I love being alone and keeping to myself.

Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts ?

Kaylar: I haven’t but I checked out some interviews and I love what you guys are doing!

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017 ?

Kaylar: Launch Kaylux Online, my boutique, the name may change but that’s the name right now. I want to do a pop up shop, and maybe even some beauty seminars. 2017 is all work, work, work.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Kaylar: I see myself still in LA, hopefully I own a home. My business have expanded, they’re thriving. I want to get really into philanthropy, it’s not always about earning but also giving back. I’d love to be an investor, for brown girls like me, and boys, to help them build their dreams as well.
Make sure to shop KayLux Cosmetics at kayluxcosmetics.com and follow Kaylar @kaylarwill
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Wizzol X is back at it again with the most highly anticipated fashion show based in the DMV area, Rose Fashion Show 5. I had the pleasure of attending Rose Fashion Show 2 at the North Hall in Washington,DC  back in 2015 . This year the show will be taking place at Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD on February 4 at 6pm. I’m so excited to be able to attend this year’s show to network and see all of the dope collections from some amazing designers and the special performances from artists that are in the local area.  Check out my previous post about the last Rose Fashion Show here .

Some of the line up includes FFNR Clothing ( check out my interview with the owner Domo here ), EAT, Goon Milk, Rich Doll, Vinichi Minyon, Fox Mod and more .

 If your in the DMV area , this is a MUST ATTEND show , to purchase ticket click the link in Wizzol’s bio ( @wizzolx ) or at ticketmaster here



Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight goes to 24 year old DMV native DomoRay aka Yamo who young Painter/Designer thats into fashion and is trying to take advantage of his gifts & talents to pave the way for others.Orginally born in Seat Pleasant, MD and currently in Woodbridge, VA , Domo talks with us about how he started his own clothing line, gives us some tips and more.

Dasia: So lets go back to the beginning, what inspired you to create your own clothing line ?

Domo: What inspired me? Honestly…MY PEERS. In high school I was that small little shy kid that was always fashionable. Everybody always said I should of started a line , but I brushed it off then.

Dasia: What does FFNR clothing stand for ? How long has it been since you started it ?

Domo: FFNR(fin-nar) Forever Fly Never Regular. I officially released it back in March 2015.

Dasia: What was the process like of you getting your brand out there in the DMV fashion community ?

Domo: A whole lot of networking. People reposting my brand via Instagram etc. The first year was dope.

Dasia: Your designs are really dope! Do you design everything from the tops, hats, jackets etc ?

Domo: Thank you. Yes the designs ideas & everything comes from me until I build a team.
Dasia: When did people start to notice your brand ?

Domo: My first year honestly. I was selling out on every release. I just have to do more shows/pop up shops this year to stay notice.

Dasia: What school did/do you attend?

Domo: NOVA ( Northern Virgina Community College ) , dropped out back in 2011. Either I wasn’t prepared or it wasn’t for me. I salute everyone that’s in school & graduating.

Dasia: How do you react when you see people wearing your brand ?

Domo: Like a fat kid loves cake, its heartwarming! Seriously its a great feeling, especially from someone you dont know. I appreciate my fanbase!

Dasia: How can anyone buy some of these dope items from FFNR Clothing ?

Domo: Go online: ForeverFlyNeverRegular.bigcartel.com
Instagram/Twitter: @FFNR_clothing

Dasia: For anyone who wants to start their own clothing brand, what are some tips and advice you would give them?

Domo: Surprisingly I get asked this from people all the time & try to help. Because I tried to ask when I wanted to start but got hit with the cold shoulder. But I would say make something unique that has a true meaning behind it that catches the eye. However you brand yourself is what crowd you’re gonna bring. & keep networking do shows & pop up shops.

Dasia: Name some celebrities you want to see wearing your brand ?

Domo: Shy Glizzy, Wale, Fabulous & others

Dasia: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke? What do you think about it ?

Domo: I think I ran across the page off the discover page a year and followed ever since. ITS DOPE! You stay up to date on the fashion & builds a platform for others of the fashion world. KEEP IT UP! Im with it

Dasia: Thanks so much ! What are some of your goals for 2017?

Domo: I’m not a big goal planner, I keep it simple. I got 2 for you:

1. Be productive every month of 2017(interviews,shows,pop-up,releases)so i should be busy every month.

2. Maybe have my 1st show of any sort. From a fashion show to a art show.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself and FFNR in the next 5 years ?

Domo: A Store. Im not rushing anything though.

Be sure to follow Domo at @yamotharipp and shop FFNR Clothing at http://ForeverFlyNeverRegular.bigcartel.com

Written by @dasiatheceo