Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a bomb designer born and raised from Washington, DC , Kima who is the founder and designer of unisex clothing brand Vinichi Minyon . Kima talks with us about her beginnings being a mother after graduating high school and how that motivated her to chase her dreams.

Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?

Kima :  Fashion is Kima, since a teenager I’ve had a love for it and I knew once I became an adult I would pursue my passion. Near my senior year I became pregnant , and on graduation day with great admiration I walked the stage with my daughter on my hip. Having my daughter early pushed me further to chase the dream I’ve had set for myself as a teen.

Dasia : What is Vinichi Minyon about ?

Kima: Vinichi Minyon (VM) isn’t just a brand , it is indeed a lifestyle; it is to be implemented in everyday life. VM launched in 2014 as an online boutique store catered to women. As time progressed it was time for me to scale up and take a more visual direction.At the end of 2015 I went into 2016 with a relaunch or my brand, and since then the brand has blossomed into something greater. We now cater to both adult men and women. Vinichi is an individual who is after success, works to their maximum potential, and have dreams of turning their passion into a lifestyle.

Dasia : What does entrepreneurship mean to you ?

Kima : An entrepreneur is a innovator, a risk taker! A person who creates what they love, and turns it into a business for consumers to enjoy.

Dasia : Describe any obstacles you’ve faced and how you overcame them.

Kima : I have experienced mistakes in production, and delayed deadlines. Just like any passionate business owner, I was upset. What I envisioned wasn’t executed. However I had to look at my company as a whole, and understand that the show must continue. So instead of removing the collection, I did more engaging things, to make my customers feel exclusive, when that item dropped.

Dasia : What do you like most about fashion ?

Kima: That fashion has no limit, it allows for one to be expressive.

Dasia : Favorite places to shop ?

Kima: Nordstrom, Macy’s, Chanel, and Gucci

Dasia : Favorite current trends ?

Kima: Boyfriend jeans , fitted shirt, with open toe heel (sexy comfort)

Dasia : What is some advice for anyone who wants to start their own clothing line ?

Kima : Create a line that’s true to you, and what you’d like to see more in the “Fashion Industry”. Find your niche in fashion, be inspired, re-create, but never duplicate.

Dasia : What are some of your goals for 2017?

Kima: Securing a brand ambassador, growing the brand outside of my hometown, launching new line “VM Savvy”, and enhancing and growing the V-League.

Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Kima: Having a storefront , employing staff in a fashion forward workplace environment.

Dasia: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Kima: Social Media


Make sure to shop Vinichi Minyon at  and keep up with the latest updates @vinchiminyon and be sure to follow Kima @__kima_

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If yall wasn’t hip at first then you sure are now, Simon malls will be having a Tax Free shopping weekend for a limited time throughout August. This event happens once a year and you can save so much with popular stores like Champs, Forever 21, Steve Madden, Macy’s , H&M and more !

The only items that will be exempt from sales tax are clothing, footwear and school supplies

If you’re in the DMV area here the dates of some of local malls that will be participating in Tax Free shopping weekend :

Fashion Centre at Pentagon City:  August 4-6

Apple Blossom Mall: August 4-6

Leesburg Premium Outlets: August 4-6

Norfolk Premium Outlets: August 4-6

Potomac Mills: August 4-6

Williamsburg Premium Outlets; August 4-6

Arundel Mills Mall : August 13-19

St Charlers Towne Center: August 13-19

Clarksburgs Premium Outlets: August 13-19

Hagerstown Premium Outlets: August 13-19

Queenstown Premium Outlets: August 13-19

If your not in the DMV area check your local Simon malls for the Tax Free Shopping dates at here

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a designer, photographer, and artist from New York City, 21 year old Chance Peavy talks with us about he became apart of Undrafted the Collective with his partners, his future goals and more ! 

Undrafted the Collective is “Defining the person you need be for the journey you encompass to follow.”- Chance

FJ: Tell us something about yourself :

Chance: Hello, my name is Chance Peavy. I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College. My skills include marketing , public relations, public speaking, and being a creative consultant. With my two partners Krystal Novaton and Kecia Romiel, I am part of Undrafted the Collective, where we create, design, and produce our own clothing and content. I run the daily operations and creative decisions for the brand. My primary goal is to share my talents and skills with the world through great clothing and amazing content.

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything )

Chance: Undrafted the Collective is a clothing brand that comes out with seasonal collections, where the goal is to not only sell clothes, but to create an experience through fashion, fine art, film, and music for each member. We launched on February 25th, 2017 with our first collection called “The Prequel”, and this pass week on July 21st, 2017 we dropped our summer collection called “The Boy’s Interlude” . 

Our mantra here at Undrafted the Collective is “Defining the person you need be for the journey you encompass to follow.” We build each collection in mind as another step forward in this journey. Not only do we make clothing as of right now, but we also put together short films providing a visual interpretation of our collections.

FJ: What do you like most about fashion ?

Chance: The freedom to express oneself

FJ: Favorite places to shop ?

Chance: Vintage Thrift stores, Topman, Small Online Brands, Tour Merch

FJ: Favorite current trends ?

Chance: Carpenter Jeans

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Chance: To expand Undrafted the Collective brand to a larger audience

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Chance: Collaborating with major upcoming brands, as well as continuing to expand Undrafted the Collective into an empire.

FJ: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Chance: Sydney, a model in New York

Be sure to follow Chance on IG @undraftedthecollective and his website at

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A black owned beauty supply store opens its first store in Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York. Jeffery’s Beauty Supply was opened by Jeffrey and Sade after they discovered a market niche in the Brownsville area where there were only few pharmacies and only certain neighborhoods would carry hair and skin products.


Jeffrey’s Beauty Supply carries weaves, wigs, braids , and other accessories. Sade states that ” 85 percent of the product targets African American customers”. We all know that  the hair and beauty industry is a very dominating billion dollar industry and the products most beauty supply stores are owned by Korean- Americans .

What are your thoughts on black owned beauty supply stores ?  


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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features one of our girl bosses from Richmond,VA , Kayla who is the Founder and Creator of a female empowerment modeling group, Still Shot Girls. Kayla talks with us about her creative team, what happens every week and how Still Shot Girls helps woman in different areas of fashion, self motivation and more ! 

FJ: Tell us something about yourself :

Kayla: I am Kayla known as @hernameiskayy on Instagram. I am the owner/founder of the Still Shot Girls

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have.

Kayla: 8 models , a glam team with 3 makeup artist and 2 hairstylist , a film team that consist of 2 photographers and 1 videographer. We are the StillShotGirls! We stand on female empowerment , fashion and self ❤️ 

Every Wednesday we have a workshop/meeting. Every other Saturday we have pop-up shoot. At the end of each month we have a MAJOR SHOOT!! Each Wednesday they learn something about modeling ! Ex: finding your light, how to use your body, making your face speak, how to network/market yourself, what does your social media say about you. All of these things plus more! Each wed there will be a different person that has agreed to stand by us that will be teaching. Those workshops are for the models to learn and use in the pop-up shoot! They are in charge of the pop-up shoot! Which means their hair , their makeup, even Recording ! 

Those pop-up shoots they will need to show me that they took what they have learned and applied it ! Each major shoot and the end of the month , these shoots are NOT your typical shoots ! I’ve studied designers and agencies even magazine to the T !! These big shoots will NOT be easy! We are here to make a point and to make people notice us! We do not come to play lol We are Not divided ! Female empowerment is what we stand on and we will ALWAYS stand on! They will learn the fundamentals of modeling ! Their portfolio is going to kill anyone they go against !

FJ: What do you like most about fashion ?:

Kayla: It gives you the ability to completely be yourself 

FJ: Favorite places to shop ?:

Kayla: H&M, Pacsun, Saks Fifth, Supreme 

FJ: Favorite current trends ?:

Kayla: Dad hats 

Kayla: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?:

Kayla: I’ve been following for quite some time now 

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?:

Kayla: To have an office in Richmond, Va and also to branch off to Atlanta and get an office out there as well

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Kayla: Having offices in Atlanta , Virginia, LA, NY

Wanna be apart of Kayla’s orginazation ? Follow Still Shot Girls on IG @StillShotGirls

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features Shan’Tasia Alexis who is a blogger and youtuber from North Carolina , her love for creating unique outfits unleashed as she made a transition from high school to her current undergraduate college journey. Now she is putting those skills into her blog and showcasing her personal style !  Read more about her story below ! 

FJ: Tell us something about yourself :

Shan’Tasia: I’m Shan’Tasia Alexis! I knew around my last year in middle school that I had a strong love for fashion and the creativity of it. Even though I had to wear uniforms in high school, whenever we had dress down days, I would try to stand out in what I wore (rather it be my clothes or my accessories). I would always put together looks in my head and even though I can’t draw, I would try to re-create the looks I thought of. I also used to cut out photos in a magazine and make a scrap book of the looks that I took from them. It wasn’t until college that my love for creating and fashion really reached its climax. 

After graduating and going off to college that is when I was able to completely unleash my creativity with styling. I would piece together items that probably got me some strange looks and got me called tacky but I didn’t care because it was what I liked. As my undergraduate career continued and being exposed to different cultures and styles, I really was able to define my aesthetic. College really helped me find myself and motivated me to do and wear what pleases me. Since I grew up in a small town, I love that I was finally able to express myself through my clothing and be comfortable in what I decided to wear. No matter how many questionable looks I got.

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have. 

Shan’Tasia: I attempted this blogging journey before but to me, I went about it all wrong so I decided to start with a clean slate. I created my blog to document my personal style, fashion inspirations, knowledge and my experiences in hope that it encourages someone, no matter what stage they are at in life. I started my YouTube channel because it’s something I wanted to do since 2012. I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to start it but there’s no wrong time to go after what you want. My YouTube will mimic my blog in a way but also include discussion videos, transitioning hair care recommendations and anything that interests me. The bulk of the content will be fashion and art related. I hope to really grow with my blog and YouTube and to be to look back on it years from now and see how much I’ve accomplished. 

FJ: What do you like about fashion ?:

Shan’Tasia: I love that you can express yourself through your clothing. You really don’t have to follow any trends or rules when it comes to your personal style. You can be as creative and extra with it as you want. I just love that you can make it your own. 

FJ: Favorite places to shop ?:

Shan’Tasia: Thrift shops, Poshmark, Amazon, EBay, Some IG boutiques (lol), Fashion Nova and sometimes Forever 21 

FJ: Favorite current trends ?:

Shan’Tasia: Anything camo and anything denim, distressed or bleach. Those trends will never get old to me. 

FJ: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Shan’Tasia: I’ve been following you all on Instagram for the last few years. I love that I am able to go to your blog and social media to get inspiration and follow creative individuals.

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?:

Shan’Tasia: My goals for 2017 is to grow my blog and YouTube channel, continue to deliver creative content and get back into sewing.

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Shan’Tasia: I really have so many ideas and things I want to do in life but in the next 5 years, I hope to be working for myself in some way pertaining to blogging or fashion. I could possibly see myself in the counseling field also. 

Make sure to follow Shan’Tasia @IG: @_shupuptae and visit her website at

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features South Carolina native Brittany H. Now residing in the DMV area , Brittany is taking her blogging to the next level . She loves creating bomb looks and sharing it with other aspiring bloggers . Read more on her story below ! 

FJ: Tell us something about yourself :

Brittany :  I’ve been a lover of all things fashion and over-the-top since I was a little kid! Creating looks has always been therapy for me. When you visit my IG (@brittanykeiara) you see clothes not my face (for the most part lol) because I’ve always sought to inspire with clothes. People already know how my face looks! My goal is to be as authentic as possible when it comes to blogging my outfits/lifestyle–something a lot of bloggers are missing, I feel.

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything ) : 

Brittany : I currently run my fashion blog and produce inspo/looks on Instagram. I am currently in the process of creating my clothing brand. While I’m working on that I’m trying to grow my following and reach out to many other young fashion lovers. 

FJ: What do you like about fashion ?: 

Brittany : The looks I create speak for me and drawn in attention. It gets people thinking, giving them inspo on how to dress themselves.

FJ: Favorite places to shop ?: 

Brittany : Asos, SheIn, Hautelook, Vintage Boutiques, Versona, PrettyLittleThing, Ego Shoes, Public Desire

FJ : Favorite current trends ?:

Brittany : Anything millenial pink just pops!

FJ: How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?
Brittany : I ran across Fxshnjunke last spring when looking at people’s outfits on Instagram haha

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?:

Brittany : Launch my business, grow my following, and inspire as many people I can as possible

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Brittany : Being my own boss and inspiring other young girls to fulfill their purpose in life

Follow Brittany at @IG/Website: brittanykeiara

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features Chi- town native , Georgia residing aspiring entrepreneur Brandi Brown . Brandi has a degree in Marketing and plans to use it for her fashion blog called Branstylebar . Read her story below !

FJ : Tell us something about yourself

Brandi : I’m a recent college graduate from Albany State University with a bachelors degree in marketing. I was originally a fashion merchandise major but I moved to a different state my sophomore year and my new school didn’t have that as an option, so I choose marketing to learn how to market myself in the fashion industry.

FJ: Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything )

Brandi : I created my own online fashion blog as an outlet to help me remain creative. Branstylebar is me expressing my love for clothing. Being stylish should be fun and it’s second nature for me to put ideas, patterns and different pieces together. Why not share with others who may need style inspiration!

FJ: What do you like about fashion ?

Brandi : It’s always evolving and it’s totally up to you what you feel good in.
FJ: Favorite places to shop ?

Brandi : I love thrifting more than anything! But platos, forever 21, h&m, topshop, target, etc.

FJ: Favorite current trends ?

Brandi : Stripes, yellow is great color for the summer& you can never go wrong with khaki!

FJ : How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?

Brandi :I followed the instagram page from the following section

FJ: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Brandi : Push my blog by networking more, being more consistent and new content. Traveling more. Creating a second stream of residual income and finding an opportunity post graduation that I will enjoy

FJ: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?:

Brandi : I am branding myself to become an entrepreneur. In the next five years, I hope to have launched me next two business ideas and creates content that is purposeful. I enjoy making others feel good with their appearance. I hope that my gift and passion will fuel my ideas for success. I want to create my own role in this world. Whether that’s being a stylist, publicist, brand manager, boutique. Branstylebar excels in style!

Follow Brandi @iam.brandibrown and make sure to visit her website :

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a girl boss in the making from Miami, FL . 20 year old , Imani Murphy is making her way into the fashion industry as an aspiring blogger and YouTuber while still studying Journalism . Read more about her story below ! 

Fxshnjunke : Tell us something about yourself :

Imani : I’m a 20 year old journalism major. I’ve always had a passion to help, inform, or entertain others through my writing. One big achievement was one of my writing pieces about self love was featured on Khloe Kardashians app alongside a full feature including some of my pictures from instagram. My love for beauty and fashion inspired me to create my own YouTube channel which I’m happy is steadily growing and my subscribers love my videos. I enjoy taking quality pictures for my Instagram whether it’s of my outfits, makeup, interests, etc. to see the overall aesthetic of my Instagram theme, following accounts that inspire me creatively, and interacting with every follower who takes their time to comment or like. I’m all about positivity and inspiring through my creativity throughout every outlet.

Fxshnjunke : Tell us about the business/brand that you have. ( Tell us any and everything ) :

 Imani : I currently have a YouTube Channel (imanirechelle) that consist of beauty, fashion, reviews, other interests, etc. As I create content I notice the amount of love I get underneath my videos and reply back to everyone. I’ve been contacted by some business to review their products or merchandise on my Channel. I soon plan to start my own website to sort of merge my Instagram and YouTube channel content and of course add extra aspects to it. 

Fxshnjunke : What do you like about fashion ?

Imani : Fashion isn’t definant, you can’t define it. Everyone has their own style and look. I love how you can put together clothing pieces to make various different looks and outfits that just turn out really dope. 

Fxshnjunke : Favorite places to shop ?:

Imani : Depop (app for thrifting), Fashion Nova, Urbanog, boohoo, garage, Steve Madden, Forever 21, Khols 

Fxshnjunke : Favorite current trends ?:

Imani : I love oversized vintage long sleeve baggy shirts and cut them into crop tops with the sleeves still extra baggy with a pair of high waisted jeans. I also love Oversized hoop earrings, I see them all the time mixed with different looks and it just works.

Fxshnjunke : How did you hear about Fxshnjunke ?:

Imani : Instagtam 

Fxshnjunke : What are some of your goals for 2017?

Imani : To do great in my upcoming college classes, and on my free time dedicate to my craft of writing, Youtube, and blogging. Along the while put myself out there for potential opportunities and weigh the ones that just naturally come to me through serendipity

Fxshnjunke : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?: 

Imani : In five years I see myself Graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Journalism and working at a fashion magazine. I also want to open my own clothing boutique, continue to do Youtube and blogging.

Follow Imani @imanirechelle on IG

What did you think about Imani’s interview ? Comment below ! 

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After his 13th studio album 4:44 which was released on June 30 , 2017 as what some people are calling it “the response to Beyonce’s Lemonade album” with popular songs “Kill Jay Z , The Story of OJ , and 4:44 . The official 4:44 tour dates have been released . Presale starts at 12pm on July 10,2017 and Tidal members can get access to the presale as well. 

Get presale tickets at Ticketmaster

General tickets will be on sale on July 14,2017 , you can find those on LiveNation , & TicketMaster

Which show you going to ? Comment your city below !

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