Even since I was in the third grade I have been suffering from acne prone skin. Over the years I have tried using different products to clear my face up and as I get older my face has gotten much much better but it is still a working progress. In this video I tried something new, I’m trying the Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel for 5 days . What are some remedies you tried to clear your face ? Comment below

Quick Aloe Vera Gel Benefits 🍃🌱 :

▪️Anti inflammation

▪️Anti aging

▪️Lightens scars and blemishes

▪️Treats acne

▪️Soothes sunburn

▪️Treats sunburn

▪️Treats dry skin

Ps : I am no expert whatsoever . I researched everything and tried these products for my own purposes

Check out my video below to see how the aloe vera gel did .



Hey guys ! I did my first hair review ever ! Go watch the full video on me and bae YouTube Channel : Keith & Dasia

Hair : @recoolhair 18″ , 20″ , 22″ , 16 inch closure ( not sponsored )

Install : @laurxnhill

Watch Full video below 👇🏾


Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a very talented make up artist all the way from the beautiful country Greece ! Twenty-one year old Nasia Belli is someone to look our for in 2017, her work is super dope and I had a chance to link up with her to get her inside story. Read more below 

Side Note: Shoutout to our names sounding the same , Dasia & Nasia ! …….lol okay okay  I’m done. You guys can read the interview now .

Dasia: Tell me something about yourself?

Nasia: I’m very passionate about my job! Makeup is my passion and it’s not only a job it’s also my hobby! I sit home for hours just to create a makeup look! I love what I do!

Dasia: Where did your love for makeup start?

Nasia: It started at age of 4! I was playing with my moms makeup all the time!

Dasia: How long have you been doing makeup ?

Nasia: I’m doing makeup 4 years!

Dasia: Where does your motivation come from ?

Nasia: My aunt is an artist! Her drawing is amazing! Sometimes we would sit together and draw models, clothes and so many other things! So I think that motivated me to do what I do now!

Dasia: I’m literally obsessed with your work , I love how your eye makeup creations match your nails , so cute lol . How do you figure out what to create everyday ?

Nasia: I’m getting inspired by movies, paintings, etc! I also have the tendency to brainstorm while sleeping! Sometimes I’m dreaming designs!

Dasia: When did you realize that your work was getting noticed?

Nasia: I realized that 1 year ago! Famous companies started reaching out to me and also reposted my work on social media! I’m so grateful for that!

Dasia: What are some of your favorite makeup brands?


Nasia: Some of my favorites are NYX and Benefit cosmetics (they support me a lot) and of course I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jouer Cosmetics and Morphe!

Dasia: For aspiring make up artist, what are some key tips that MUST know ?

Nasia: Just have passion and do what you love and the success will come!

Dasia: Aside from doing makeup , you have your own lashes in collaboration with Majesty Lashes , How did you feel about that ?

Nasia: It’s an amazing feeling to see my name on the lashes! I was so happy for this collaboration! Hopefully I will do more in future!

Dasia: Will you ever start a cosmetic line ?

Nasia: Never say never! I would love that! Probably in the future!

Dasia: What is some fun things you like to do in your spare time other than makeup ?

Nasia: I love watching movies and playing with my dogs!

Dasia: What are two fun facts about you your followers don’t know ?

Nasia: I haven’t made a YouTube channel yet because I’m so shy to speak in front of the camera and I cry if an animal gets hurt even in movies.

Dasia: Have u ever heard of Fxshnjunke before?

Nasia: No I didn’t ! But now I’m happy that I do!

Dasia : What are your plans for the rest of 2017 ?

Nasia: I’m planning to travel a lot! I want to see other places!

Dasia: Where do u see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Nasia: Hmm doing makeup haha! Probably working with a lot of famous companies and great makeup artists so I can develop my skills more and maybe open a beauty salon!

Make sure you guys follow Nasia on IG @nasiabelli for more super cute makeup looks 

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Kim Kardashian West launched her cosmetic line KKWBeauty today on June 21,2017.After the beauty collaboration with little sister Kylie Jenner : KKW X KYLIE Creme Liquid Lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, Kim then released her own line featuring original KKWBeauty Créme Contour and Highlight Kits which has sold out within its first 6 hours. A restock of  the KKW x Kylie lipstick collection sets were also being sold.  Check out more below !


The kits are all dual ended two shade contour sticks for contouring , two dual ended highlighters that had a matte and shimmer highlight , and a dual ended brush and sponge for blending . 

[Update 6/22/17] : It is also reported that KKW made $14 million in one day of launching . 


Comes in shades : Light , Medium , Dark , and Deep Dark

KKW x Kylie Créme Liquid Lipsticks are also available. 

Shop KKW Beauty now at kkwbeauty.com

Have you gotten yours yet ? What do you think about Kim having her own cosmetic line just like Kylie ? Comment below



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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a 20 year old Cincinnati #BOSSBABE Nikuale Williams .  Before starting her online business she attended University of Kentucky for a year and until her cosmetics line Honey Kissed became successful. We linked up with Nikuale to talk how she started her line and her favorite makeup brands , etc
I’ve always known that I was destined for more than normalcy. Even as a kid, I wanted to be “famous” and knew eventually people would know my name, now look at me! – Nikuale
Dasia: What motivated you to start your own business ?

Nikuale: It was near the end of my freshman year of college and I didn’t have the $8k needed to start my next semester, so I needed to think of something to do to earn my way back into school. I landed on handmade cosmetics because I was a HUGE makeup junkie and I spend so much buying makeup but I had the ability to make my own.

Dasia: How did you come up with the name Honey Kissed Cosmetics ?

Nikuale: I was inspired by a makeup artist online, Ociera, her artistry was named “Fresh Face Honey” and I don’t know why – it just came to me. I was actually stuck between “Honey Kissed” and “Beauty Marked” on account of my very unique beauty marks/moles on my own skin – I ran a poll on twitter and Honey Kissed won. 



Dasia: What makes Honey Kissed Cosmetics different from any other cosmetics line?


Nikuale: Honey Kissed was created by a black woman for predominantly women of color. Due to being extremely under represented, we sometimes lack the motivation to even try because it seems that we aren’t even noticed. I really make sure that although my products can work for any skin tone, they can definitely work for even the darkest of skin. 

Dasia: How long has it been since you been in business ?

Nikuale: Surprisingly we only launched last June. June 10, 2016.

Dasia: Aside from owning a business, what are some of the obstacles you’ve faced since launching Honey Kissed ?

Nikuale: I’ve struggled with the decision of going back to school because of course I want to have that “Plan B” just in case – but I just feel like a plan b is such a cop out. It’s like you make a second plan when you don’t have complete faith in your first one and I do. I know that this is long term. But my family really wants me to make sure I have something to fall back on.

 Dasia: What is your top selling products that customers seem to like ?
 Nikuale: Currently, everyone is OBSESSED with our holographic lipgloss 6 inch heels. It’s definitely a staple and sells out within minutes with every restock.


  ( above: Holographic 6 inch heels lipgloss )
Dasia: Is everything handmade ? How long it does usually take to create one item if so ?

Nikuale: Everything is handmade – but I usually make things in bulk. One item could take up to an hour for a bulk batch, but I usually have 10 hour work days of just creating bulk batches so I can get it all done quickly.

Dasia: Outside of shipping orders, etc. what are some things you like to do for fun ?

Nikuale: I love traveling with my boyfriend. We also do it without spending a ton of money and not a ton of planning. We just buy a bus ticket and stay in a different city for the sake of exploring.

Dasia: What are two fun facts about you that nobody knows?


1. I have an addiction to online shopping – especially Amazon Prime.

2. I’m super crafty. Like if I wasn’t selling Cosmetics I’d probably still be selling SOMETHING.

Dasia: Any favorite makeup brands other than Honey Kissed ?

Nikuale: I personally adore Bahi Cosmetics, partially because the owner and I are close friends but also because the skincare is incredible.

Dasia: Yesss we love Bahi Cosmetics ! Check out our interview with the owner here .
Dasia: Favorite places to shop ?

Nikuale: Amazon Prime, F21, Fashion Nova, Aldo

Dasia: Who are some of your favorite makeup artists ?


Nikuale: I love @TheeOnlyOciera & @_tiairraa on twitter. They’re both absolutely incredible.

Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts ?

Nikuale: I haven’t before you guys reached out but I love your platform! You all definitely deserve a large audience.  

 Dasia: What can new and returning customers expect from Honey Kissed in 2017 ?

Nikuale: Better. Better everything. We aren’t anything if we aren’t progressing.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Nikuale: I pray that my success continues and I’m finally the person I knew I would end up. Gracious and humble with the ability to give back to the world. Also living in a penthouse cause duh. Lol!


Be sure to shop Honey Kissed Cosmetics at gethoneykissed.com 
Follow them on Twitter @hk_cosmetics and IG @honeykissedco
Follow Nikuale’s Twitter @nikuale
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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features a 24 year old  Dallas , Texas native who is an entrepreneur and bomb hair braider, Latrease Jordan. We linked up with her to talk about how she started doing hair, what her future goals as an hairstylist is and more !
Dasia: How did you get into doing hair ?
Latrease: I’ve actually been braiding since the age of 10. I actually took my craft serious two years ago. One day I woke up literally and was like I refuse to work a 9 to 5 I rather be my own boss and every since that day I have been braiding. I actually quit my job at fedex to braid full time.
Dasia: What inspired you to actually want to pursue being a hairstylist ?
Latrease: I actually got inspired by one of my fellow instagramers @Idlelocs I always admired her work and not may people in my area offer goddess locs or faux locs , so I took advantage of that and offered a service that I knew is most popular.
Dasia: What is the most request style customers ask for ?
Latrease: Goddess locs are the most requested at the moment it has been one of the most popular styles that I offer.
Dasia: Do you do any other styles other than braiding ? If so, what kind ?
Latrease: At the moment I am only doing braids I don’t offer any other styles other than braids.
Dasia: Have you ever had a customer come from out of town just to get their hair done by you ?
Latrease: I actually have multiple clients that have come from out of town specially for me and I find it amazing I am very blessed to have them.
Dasia: If any new customers would like to book an appointment with you how can they do that ?
FullSizeRender (39)
Latrease: If you guys are interested in booking with @latrease.jordan @braidsbytrease please visit the link below https://braidsbytrease.acuityscheduling.com/ .
Dasia: You have a cute style , what are some of your favorite places to shop ?
Latrease: Favorite places to shop would be number one FOREVER21! I swear I’m there every other day .Most of my clothes are from there I’m not into high end like that because it’s not that serious to me. I also shop at love culture as well and pac sun is another one of my favs.
I am very ambitious like if I want something I will go out and get it I don’t look for hand outs I have always been that way and I’m very independent.- Latrease 
Dasia: How would you describe your style ?
Latrease: I would describe my style tomboy/90s ish , really the way I dress depends on the type of mood I’m in or the type of place I’m going.
Dasia: Besides hair , what are some other things you like to do ?
Latrease: Outside of braiding when I have spare time I model , Before I put my braiding skills to work I was modeling , but now I feel I’m always at the shop so I hardly have time to do anything , once the weekend hits its a total different story because I most definitely T up! Haha
Dasia: Yesssss LOL !! What are your favorite type of shoes you like to wear ?
Latrease: My favorite shoes at the moment are vans , fenty creepers and reebok I have sooooo many so it’s hard to choose a favorite at the moment.
Dasia: What do you think most of your followers are following you for ?
Latrease: On the business side most of them follow me on my business page for business as far as my personal page the entertainment and because of my sense of style.
FullSizeRender (40)
Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ?
Latrease: I’ve actually heard of Fxshnjunke before from a fellow instagramer.
Dasia: Aweee. yasssss lol . What are some of your goals for 2017?
Latrease: A few goals that I have for 2017 business wise are to continue to expand my brand and my name and become a travel braider and get a few celebrities under my belt hair wise. Start looking for a building for my own beauty bar etc.
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Latrease: In the next 5 years I see myself owning my own beauty bar , married with children and traveling the world living comfortably with a popular business that is BOOMING!
Be sure to follow Latrease on all of her social media accounts and book her for your next hair appt ! Instagram- @latrease.jordan Hair page: @braidsbytrease l Twitter- @latreasejayy l Facebook- @teeakjordan YouTube- @latreasejordan

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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features 20 year old DMV native Nicole aka :”Christina Cole” . Currently in her junior year at Towson University and a Youtuber where she specializes in hair tutorials, tips and more.
Fun Fact: I met Nicole back in elementary school and we were both in the Before and After Care program 🙂 – Dasia
Dasia:   Tell me something about yourself:

Nicole: Some characteristics that describe me are: spontaneous, goofball, entrepreneurial, and a foodie. I love food! I love traveling, and I love learning. As geeky as that sounds I like learning how to do new things that visually appeal to me. I am a junior at Towson University studying Psychology and Marketing. And “I’m Happy To Be Here” – what most people say when introducing themselves at a new job lol. 

Dasia: What inspired you to start doing hair ?

Nicole: Definitely my mother. She taught me how to braid when i was growing up. When she would braiding my hair when I was younger I would braid my infamous BRATZ Dolls hair. Even one time in middle school I cut 3 inches of my hair off thinking I knew what I was doing. BIG MISTAKE. My mom was so mad, but that moment made me want to be better and really take doing hair seriously. 
Dasia: How long have you been doing hair ?

Nicole: I have been doing hair since high school. I started on my friends and just continued to improve. When it came to the point in choosing between cosmetology and culinary my stomach spoke louder. I really regret this. But at least now I know how to make crabbed stuffed fish and baked Alaska. 

Dasia: What kind of hair do you prefer virgin hair, crotchet, or braids ?

Nicole: Personally I LOVE virgin hair.#Bundles for life. I am not personally big on natural hair styles on my own head, but I live for the wigs and virgin hair life. But I have a lot of clients that have natural hair and prefer protective styles, which I enjoy doing. 

Dasia: What are some hair care tips you can give anyone who needs helps keeping their hair healthy?

Nicole: Moisturize! The worst thing is having dry brittle hair. Find a hair care regime that works for you and stick to it. Its best to have a winter routine and a summer routine. 

Dasia: What motivated you to start your Youtube Channel ?

Nicole: I have been watching youtube faithfully since I my freshman year in high school. I looked up to the beautiful women in youtube because they were about to teach and inspire others all over the world. I also used youtube as my search engine. When ever I need to learn how to do something I would go to Youtube. I want to teach, inspire and connect with people from all over. This is what really motivated me. 

Dasia: Your most poppin video is your Crotchet Feed In Braid video with over 300Kviews, what was your reaction seeing that many views on one of your videos ?

Nicole: As odd as it sounds I knew it was going to be popping. I literally had a dream about me doing that hair style and did it the next day. Now almost at half a million views and thousands of subbies later I feel like I can really put more of my passion into youtube. 

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017?

Nicole: Some of my goals for 2017 would be to grow my brand with youtube as well as improving my hair and makeup skills. There is always room for learning and improvement. Grow my bank account, drink more water and have health glowing skin – these of which I feel like should be everyone’s goals. 

Dasia: Have you ever heard of or seen Fxshnjunke before ?

Nicole: YESS! Girl you know we go back to Clinton Grove days. You were always stylish and I remember you and your little brother. We had so much fun in before and after care.
Dasia: Yesss girl we go way back ! I miss those days so much in B+A ( before and after care) , Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Nicole: In the next five years I still see myself grinding to become better, I will be a licensed cosmetologist, and my brand will have expanded. I will have graduated and will be on someones beach drinking sangria. 
Subscribe to my girl Nicole ‘s Channel here and follow her on IG @christina.colee
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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight takes an inside look at Bahi Cosmetics.In this interview talk with 20 year old Maryland native and owner, Danielle Bahi on how she started her dream cosmetics line and the obstacles she faced since launching.



Dasia: Tell me something about yourself?

Danielle: I have a level of creativity that makes me seem odd to others

Dasia: I came across this company on Twitter and seen how bomb you are and how everyone really likes what you have to offer . What inspired you to start your own cosmetics line?

Danielle: I’ve always wanted to create a makeup line. I’ve been constructing Bahi for over 2 years mentally but lacked funds. After two years of holding off on a dream because of funds, I refused to let the funds stop me from accomplishing my dream. So I accomplished the mental dream I had. Didn’t want to hold back any longer

Dasia: How long has it been since launching Bahi Cosmetics ?

Danielle: Bahi has been running for 4.5 months now

Dasia: What are some pro’s and con’s to owning a business?

Danielle: Owning a business yet alone a business where you are your own distributor isn’t as beautiful as people paint it. It’s hard work, restless nights and a lot of dedication. You will see things, experience things and get frustrated over things all for a greater outcome. You will sacrifice all of you for your business at times. But it does provide freedom for a creative. You’re working on your own time, you’re your own boss & most importantly, you’re doing what you love.


Dasia? What are some of the obstacles that you faced since launching Bahi Cosmetics ?

Danielle: Bahi faced issues from software issues to misunderstandings. A while ago, Bahi’s men (the men who ran the Bahi page) held a discussion on the Bahi page that backfired because of misunderstandings and plays of words but we learned from it and grew from it.

DasiaL How did you come up with the name ?

Danielle: It’s actually my last name.

Dasia: When did you know that you wanted to become a makeup artist ?

Danielle: 5th grade, when art became a form of escape for me & I vowed never to let it go.

( above : Some of Bahi’s customers slaying in their products ) 

Dasia: What do you love about makeup?

Danielle: I love everything honestly

Dasia: How long have you been doing makeup ?

Danielle : I have been doing makeup for 7 years now. I’ve been an esthetician for a year now

Dasia: What makes you different then any other makeup brand ?

Danielle : I don’t do this for the money, I do this to actually bring a smile to someone’s face and that’s the best goal I can have. Seeing people happy about my products and seeing how my products change people is my form of therapy. It makes me feel as if I’m doing something right.)

Dasia: What product(s) are your best sellers ?

Danielle : So far? The serum had been selling like crazy & It’s because it’s magic in a bottle.

Dasia: Have you hear of Fxshnjunke before? If not, what you are thoughts ?

Danielle : I heard about to through a friend and so far my thoughts? You guys are pretty awesome!

Dasia: Thanks so much ! ☺️ . What can your customers expect from Bahi Cosmetics in 2017?

Danielle: You can expect more surprises like the eyelashes and much more items popping up soon on the Bahi page)

Dasia: Where do you see Bahi Cosmetics in the next 5 years ?

Danielle:  We shall be selling right next to Tom ford and also have our own store


Make sure to follow Bahi Cosmetics on IG and Twitter @bahicosmetics and shop the latest products at shopbahi.com


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Today’s Fxshnjunke Spotlight features an inside look at how entrepreneur ,youtuber and , fashionista 24 year old Kaylar Will starting her own cosmetics line , Kaylux Cosmetics . In this interview she talk with us about the obstacles she faced starting her own business, her favorite places to shop and her future plans for Kaylux.
Dasia: Tell me something about yourself ?

Kaylar: I’m ambitious, loving, but tough.

Dasia: What inspired you to start your own cosmetics line ?

Kaylar: The lack of brown skin in the beauty industry. The lack of products suitable for brown skin. As I’m getting older I’m realizing if these brands and corporations don’t want to include us, then we need to build our own.

Dasia: How long has it been since starting Kaylux Cosmetics ?

Kaylar: Almost a year, my website launched early April 2016.

Dasia: What kind of cosmetics products do you sell ?

Kaylar: Right now I sell face and body highlighters, lip gloss, setting powder. I will be releasing several new products for the spring and moving more into body/skin care.

Dasia: What are some obstacles that your faced while trying to launch KayLux ?

Kaylar: Honestly, my lack of business knowledge. I encourage everyone to take some business classes before launching your own, especially if your goal is longevity. I had to learn as I went and that’s very difficult and I made mistakes I wouldn’t of made if I had learned certain things previously. Also, there was a financial obstacle as well but I’ve always known how to make it work, figure it out.

Dasia: What is the top selling item your customers seem to love ?

Kaylar: The vacation body highlighter oil and the face highlighters which was my first product.


Dasia: What are some tips for anyone who wants to start their own cosmetics line ?

Kaylar: Research, research, research. You not only need to know business inside and out, but makeup as well. Don’t rush things of your business will not last. Think “the long run” not “fast money”

Dasia: Im obsessed with your style ! What inspires it ?

Kaylar: Kim Kardashian is my inspiration. I never had someone relate to me, as far as style goes, until her. I’m very simple, I like neutral colors and solid colors. But I enjoy being sexy, as every woman should, so I tend to buy things that are basic but aren’t too boring. My boutique will be launching in about two months and it will be 100% based on my style. Basically like you’re shopping from my closet.

Dasia: Where are your go to places to shop ?

Kaylar: American apparel is my favorite place. Simple and sexy.

Dasia: OMG Did you hear about American Apparel closing ALL of it’s 110 stores ? Click the link to see my post about it here .

Dasia: You also have a great following on your Youtube channel, where you post content on beauty, hair, skincare and more, when can your subscribers expect more videos from you ?

Kaylar: Yes I’ll be posting new videos in a few weeks!

Dasia: If you could collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

Kaylar: I don’t think I would collaborate with anyone, well I don’t have anyone in mind but if someone asked maybe. I’m like the most social loner you’ll ever meet. I’m very approachable and chatty yet I love being alone and keeping to myself.

Dasia: Have you ever heard of Fxshnjunke before ? If not, what are your thoughts ?

Kaylar: I haven’t but I checked out some interviews and I love what you guys are doing!

Dasia: What are some of your goals for 2017 ?

Kaylar: Launch Kaylux Online, my boutique, the name may change but that’s the name right now. I want to do a pop up shop, and maybe even some beauty seminars. 2017 is all work, work, work.

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Kaylar: I see myself still in LA, hopefully I own a home. My business have expanded, they’re thriving. I want to get really into philanthropy, it’s not always about earning but also giving back. I’d love to be an investor, for brown girls like me, and boys, to help them build their dreams as well.
Make sure to shop KayLux Cosmetics at kayluxcosmetics.com and follow Kaylar @kaylarwill
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Makeup is usually not a topic we talk about here on Fxshnjunke, but when I came across how fleeky 23 year old beauty blogger , Peter Pratts makeup looked in his pictures I had to find out more ! I had the opportunity to talk with the Brentwood, NY native about his favorite makeup products, how he started his Youtube channel and more ! Read more below.

FullSizeRender (9)

Dasia: So glad I’m interviewing you ! Idek how I came across your page but what stood out to me was how much pink you have lol ! That has got to be your favorite color right ?
Peter: Lol yes, I love anything that’s pink and bright!!
Dasia: I’m obsessed with your pictures and they are so bomb ! What camera(s) do you use ?
Peter: I use the Sony a5100.
 Dasia: How did you become interested in doing makeup ? How long have you been doing it ?
Peter: I became interested years ago in makeup because of Nicki Minaj I was absolutely obsessed with her pretty style and makeup just everything about her. That’s how I discovered my fave artist TymeTheInfamous and would legit watch her for hours lol. I’d say I’ve been doing makeup about 3 years now.
Dasia: What is your favorite thing to do when you do your makeup and why ?
Peter: My favorite thing would have to be contour and highlight. Face makeup is my favorite, I love having defined features with dramatic shimmery cheeks lol.
Dasia: What are your three favorite makeup brands ?
Peter: Mac, Too Faced, & Tarte.
FullSizeRender (10)

Dasia: I love how your theme also resembles Barbie especially with the fonts you use . What actually inspired you to become a makeup artist ?
Peter: I don’t consider myself a makeup artist. I love doing makeup on myself a couple times a week and if a friend asks I’m more than happy to do it on them but I really think I do it just more for fun lol. And I’d deff say Nicki Minaj in her all pink days is where it all began.
Dasia: Have you ever collaborated with any makeup gurus ? If so , who and how was that experience . If not , who would you want to collab with ?
Peter: I’ve collaborated with a couple, all my actual friends though. Alva Jay, Jasmine Brown and Thania’s beauty. Um, it was fun lol? Just nice to come up with an idea and see how each other execute it.
Dasia: So let’s talk about how you started YouTube . What made you want to start making videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?
Peter : I started because of all the people on my Instagram asking me to plus I loved watching YouTube tutorials myself! I started about a year ago!


Dasia: What advice should beginner Youtubers know before starting their channel ? How can they grow their channel ?
FullSizeRender (7)
Peter: I’d say don’t force yourself to do anything and don’t pay attention to annoying comments, if you like something do exactly that. Self promotion is the best way to grow your channel. Utilize all social media to get your name out there.
Dasia: I’m pretty sure you knew about the recent crisis that happened in your state when the mass shooting in the gay nightclub occurred . What were your thoughts when you first heard about that ?
Peter : I actually live here in Orlando and have been to that club a couple times. When I first heard about it I was #1 thankful I wasn’t there. And secondly just annoyed with how stupid some people in the world are. I obviously feel for the people and their families but I’m left more angered than anything with the amount of ignorance we have in this world.
Dasia: You attended BeautyCon Dallas earlier this year . Was that your first time attending BeautyCon ? If so , how was your experience being there ?
Peter: Yes it was my first time. It was so much fun to be invited out to Dallas. The amount of people that knew me really surprised me especially since I went going just thinking it would be a nice fun thing to do. It really motivated me more than anything and made me realize people actually are paying attention to what I do and love it just as much as I do.

FullSizeRender (8)

Dasia: When is comes to fashion , how would you describe your style ?
Peter:  Hmm that’s a hard one lol, I think my style is pretty casual. Very bright. Always above the knee shorts (I live in Florida), lol a cute pink shirt and LV bag. I love bracelets and bags!
Dasia: What are some of your must have essentials to have for the summer ?
Peter: I’d deff say waterproof brow products such as Benefit KaBrow. And deff a good setting spray. I don’t really know how to answer because where I live it’s literally summer all year round and it all seems normal to me LOL.
Dasia: You also have some tshirts coming out and I definitely have to get me one their so cute ! How did you come up with the name Yummy for your tshirt line and what can we expect to see ?

Peter: I’ve already launched but the name Yummy was just so random, I was thinking of what sounded cute and catchy, it just came to mind. I plan on expanding into makeup but as of right now just cute shirts with fly designs and a lot of pink.

Check out the YummybyPeterPratts lookbook below !



 Shop Yummy here

Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Peter: Maybe my own makeup line? Hopefully stable and very happy with my career. Probably living back in New York! I don’t really have a plan, but I do keep very positive with goals I set.

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