I was amazed when I came across 4 colorful two piece sets on twitter with over 4k rerweets and was even more amazed that these were handmade so of course I wamted to get a more inside look at this brand.  The 22 year old , Long Beach, Calfornia owner of TheRichEra , Kiera Richburg is a on and off again college student still trying to figure out life one day at a time who ever since she was young always managed to use the right side of her brain more than the left and has become accustom to the artsy side of life and for that reason she is now running her own hand made clothing line which continues flourish everyday. I had a chance to speak with the designer on how she managed to build her brand designing these cute dope unique pieces. Read more below
FullSizeRender (5)
FullSizeRender (9)
Dasia: What motivated you to start designing ?
Keira: Truly designing isn’t something I envisioned myself doing. I am a very inconsistent person, I bounce from one thing to another.So designing was something I actually started doing as a child. Making clothes for my dolls and sketching mostly, my mom would always tell me I should be a designer. However it never really sparked my interest in that way. Fast forward to a few years ago I started selling handmade jewelry and from that I sold wholesale clothing, then from that I hired a seamstress to make clothing for me. This inspired me in a way I figured I could learn to hand make my own clothes and cut out the middle man. From that I learned to love it and its been a learning process.
Dasia: How long have you been designing ?
Keira: Unlike most people who have been designing for years, I have only been designing full on for about 8 months. I’ve grown so much in this short time, I feel like I have been doing it for much longer.
FullSizeRender (6)
Dasia: What inspires you when you are in your design process ?
Kiera: The things that inspire me when designing is the people. I try and mix my style with what I think other people my age would like. Sometimes I am inspired by more simplisticthings as well like the fabric or colors, it all depends.
Dasia: Did you go to school to for designing ?
Kiera: No, I  have never gone to school for designing or anything related to designing. I am telling you this is something that I just stumbled into. In fact I learned how to work my sewing machine on FaceTime with a boy named Micah I met on Instagram. I am so grateful for him being generous enough to share his talent for I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have today.
FullSizeRender (8)
Dasia: If you could design for 3 celebrities who would they be ?
Kiera: If I could design for 3 celebrities it would be; Karrueche Tran because she is so beautiful and I love her style, KeKe Palmer because her style is so diverse and ever since she followed me on twitter I assume we are friends, & August Alsina because  am totally obsessed with him, his style has completely transformed I would do a men’s line just for him.
Dasia: What does Rich Era stand for/mean ?
Kiera: “Rich Era” actually stands for KiERA RICHburg which is my name meshed together. However I feel like the meaning is also personal to me since its my name its like i am reminding myself its the rich era, like a time or period of greatness and success. It is like my name and who I am embodies prosperity.
Dasia: What was it like in the beginning stages of Rich Era ?
Kiera: The beginning stages of the rich era clothing line addition was surprisingly successful yet overwhelming. I designed my first sale piece a month after learning to sew.
I posted it on twitter not expecting anyone to actually like let alone buy it. From that I got 3,988 Rts and over a 100 orders, I had to actually shut down my site. Since I was expected to make all these items myself I was completely excited and nervous. I feel like I am still in the beginning stages right now,  its all about progress. I am just making sure my business is a little better than it was yesterday.
FullSizeRender (2)
 Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Keira: Ok, so I am a person that lives in the moment,  I don’t focus much on the future since it is unknown. However I hope to be happy. Not matter where I am in life or what I am doing if I am happy then I am content. I feel as though nothing is greater than happiness, once you’ve reached happiness in life you have found your true destiny.
Dasia: What can customers expect for Rich Era for the rest of 2016 ?
Keira: My customers can expect the rest of 2016 to be filled with changes, new looks, new items, better quality and faster production.
– XOXO RichEra
Shop for more cute dope pieces
Twitter: @therichera
IG: @therichera
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I had an amazing time shooting w/ my sister , my sunflower , photographer , dancer , graphic designer , model and also real good friend of mine Shaiday Dancy , owner of Sunflwx Artistry .

We’ve been planning for months to link up and collab and literally the day before this shoot , we ran into each other , so it was clearly gods way of telling us to work together even though we knew we were going to see each other the next day . Footage provided by @12vintvproductions

Check out the official video of behind the scenes of “Flwxin with Fxshnjunke” then head over to for the official photoshoot pictures and full interview .

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I love coming across other bloggers , artists,  youtubers etc that reside in my city because it makes me feel not alone as a person who grinds everyday towards their goals . I had a chance to talk fashion with 23 year old Maryland native and fashion youtuber Octavia “Glamazontay” Outlaw about she manages to remain consistent with get YouTube channel while attending a historically black college , plus the beginning stages of her fashion career and more !

FullSizeRender (57)

Dasia : How did you come up with the name Glamazontay ?

Glamazontay :  Actually my friends always called me glamour girl , amazon is a member of a legendary race of female warriors so i look at that as strength and tay is short for octavia so i just put them altogether

Dasia : What school are you attending and what are you majoring in ?

Glamazontay: University of Maryland Eastern Shore , Fashion Merchandising

FullSizeRender (58)

My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one.- Glamazontay

Dasia : What do you like most about attending  an HBCU ?

Glamazontay : I love being around culture and diversity .I also feel HBCU colleges are more family orientated and I feel that creates such a positive learning space.

Dasia: What is it like having roommates , staying on campus , going to classes , partying and still trying to maintain your grades ?

Glamazontay : Its intense I won’t lie but you make time for what you want to do . So with that being said I usually make time for studying , classes and partying. Far as roommates and staying on campus I actually have my own apartment off campus so Ilike that way better than being in a dorm ugh (HATED IT!!) my roommate is poppin though I love her .

Dasia: What/who inspired you to do YouTube videos ? How long have you been doing YouTube ?

Glamazontay : I was inspired by myself to do youtube . I would often look for someone wearing colorful hair and had multiple piercings with an edgy style. I couldn’t find anyone , well anyone that looked like myself. So I decided why not make a channel for those who are looking for the same.

Dasia : Who are some of your favorite Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : Aaliyah jay , Tymetheinfamous , Keesha Kaylee

Dasia: How do you manage to still have time to do your YouTube video and school ?

Glamazontay : Both are a passion of mines so I just make it happen I don’t know how I do because I’m literally always busy but I make the time and always tell myself everything will be worth it.

Dasia: What cameras / equipment do you recommend for beginner Youtubers ?

Glamazontay : I recommend your phone and I movie . Honestly I started with my iPad and after I realized this was something I wanted to take serious I began investing in more expensive equipment.

FullSizeRender (62)

I was inspired by myself to do youtube- Glamazontay

Dasia : What are some key tips beginner Youtubers who are also in school should know ?
Glamazontay : Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me!
Dasia : How did you become interested in fashion ?

Glamazontay : My grandmother actually got me interested in fashion , believe it or not I use to be a tomboy and she just said to me one day “you need to put some color in your life” and it was history from that day on .

Dasia : I’ve seen that you also design clothes as well , how long have you been designing ? What motivate you to want to become a designer ?

Glamazontay : Ive been designing since 16 I recently took it serious though with opening my own online website . I find my motivation from honestly just wanting out of the box stuff that you normally don’t see ever . I love prints , and bright colors.

Dasia : What is your clothing line about ? Can people purchase any of your items you have designed ? Is there a new collection coming out ?

Glamazontay : My clothing line is actually about a movie “Diamonds are a girls Best friend” with Marilyn Monroe . I tried to mix chic, old school and new school altogether in one. I will be having something new in fall 2016 so be on the look out . Also you can definitely purchase anytime on my website 

FullSizeRender (63)

FullSizeRender (54)

FullSizeRender (55)
Dasia : If you could design for 3 celebrities who would they be ?

Glamazontay : Nicki Minaj , Miley Cyrus and Dej Loaf

Dasia : I love your fashion lookbooks ! Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Glamazontay : I love Fashion Nova and simmi shoes.They are BOMB DOT COM

Check out Glamazontay’s recent lookbook below !

( PS: Check out our Top Places To Shop Online for Summer 2016 here , fashion nova is definitely one ! )

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?

Glamazontay : Edgy , Bold and Daring

Dasia : Give us to two fun facts about you that your subscribers don’t know .

Glamazontay : – Im scared of the Dark

– I use to want to be a Veternarian

Dasia : What motivates you to keep going everyday ?

Glamazontay : My future and I’m excited to see what god has in store for me .

Dasia : Congrats on reaching your 70K subscribers milestone ! What can we expect from Glamazontay for the rest of the year ?

Glamazontay :  A very big surprise coming soon!

FullSizeRender (59)

Stay consistent and relevant keep those in mind at all times and you will make it very far trust me! – Glamazontay

Dasia : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?
Glamazontay : Living in Los Angeles ,California , Expanding my store as well as working as a traveling Fashion stylist .


Style comes from within through creativity and that’s exactly with friend to Fxshnjunke and Chicago born stylist Dutch Davis has. I had a chance to chop it up to get an inside scoop about the Chi-town native and his dope fashionable style. You guys may have seen him plenty of times , but who is he ?

I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006.

Twenty-four year old Dutch Davis was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. Growing up Dutch always knew he wanted to be in the fashion industry. After graduating high school, Dutch quit his job at the post office and flew out to New York to spend some time assisting stylists and creative directors, to build his portfolio and contacts in the industry. Over the years, Dutch had the pleasure of working with a host of celebrities, photographers, models, and a variety of brands. He continued to build his clientele with upcoming artists, modeling agencies, and clients from previous jobs. Today, Dutch is a signed wardrobe stylist represented by Factor Artist and visionary that continues to conquer the fashion world one look at a time. So let’s talk style !

Dasia: When did you know you wanted to become a stylist ? How long have your been styling ?

Dutch: Originally I wanted to be a designer but when it was time to look into colleges before graduating, I visited a few design schools and the prices was crazzzy!!! I still wanted to stay in the fashion industry so I thought styling was the next best thing. I’ve been styling professionally for about 4 years now.

Dasia: What inspires your unique style ? I love it !

Dutch: What inspires my style ? Being original in life and letting people adapt to you. 

Dasia: How did you become interested in fashion ?

Dutch: I became interested in fashion at an early age but it didn’t go into a career option until I seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada in 2006. Every since then I’ve been Fashion Fashion Fashion lol.

Dasia : Did you take any classes based on styling / fashion ?

Dutch: I actually stop going to college mid freshman year and moved to New York. I did not take any classes on fashion nor styling, just a lot of studying and researching.

Dasia: Your work was recently noticed in one of the biggest fashion magazines Elle, how did that happen ? How did you meet recording artist Tink and have the opportunity to style her ?

Dutch:  Yesssss ELLE!!! It was major, thank you. ELLE just happened honestly IDK, the photographer called me  , and I’m Like omg ELLE Mag just reached out saying they want to see some recent images of Tink to select for a write up. But they didn’t tell us when it’ll be published nor which picture they picked. I got the Opportunity to style Tink actually from the same photographer that shot the image for ELLE. He hit me one day back in 2014, like Tink want to shoot and she needs a stylist, are you available and whats your rate…… and its been history since.

A stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment.

Dasia: Where are your favorite go to places to shop ?

Dutch: My fav go to spots are Zara,BCBG,Top Shop, Barneys and Asos. I love to mix high-end and low-end together to get the perfect balance.

Dasia : What are you favorite trends for the spring ?

Dutch: I tend to stay away from trends lol, NO SHADE.But my favorites are still always classics are “denim on denim, suits and sneakers, forest green, and monochromatic”  


Dasia: What is it like styling for photo-shoot vs styling for fashion shows ?

Dutch: Well I only style photo/video shoots but its a lot of fun to see and know the behind the scenes scoop on what it takes to create an amazing piece of art (a photo). I stay away from Fashion Shows, they run over time, its chaos back stage and its to many clothes to keep count of.

Dasia: What were your favorite looks of the recent Met Ball Gala ? Who slayed ?

Dutch: WHO SLAYED??? *Zendaya *Beyonce & Solange *The Smiths Kids *Jennifer Hudson *Anna Wintour *Claire Danes *Ciara *Kendall (To name a few lol)

Dasia: Yassssss they did ! lol  How do you define what being a stylist is ?

Dutch:  Being a stylist…..ughhhh… I’ll give you my take personally a stylist is an artist one who has a clean eye for detail, risk seeker, knows their client as well as the garment. Someone that can speak to an audience with a look without saying a word. In so many word a wardrobe genius. 

Dasia: What are some key points an aspiring stylist must know when they are prepping to become an official stylist ?

Dutch:  Key points:

  • Have contracts upon any services you provide. 
  • Have a visual portfolio either print or digital.
  • Be and remain profession on set and with client.
  • Study fabric,textiles, cuts and fits.
  • Always stay ahead, research and take risk.

Dasia: MAJOR KEY ALERT ! Lol Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Dutch: Next 5 years, I see myself slaying 5 major celebrity clients, and being a creative director for a major fashion house. Just living my dream . Enjoying what I do best.
Dasia: So you already styled Tink, if you can style 4 other celebrities who would they be?

Dutch: Keke Palmer, Sia, Adele, Willow & Jaden Smith

 I had so much fun with this interview and I hope guys got to know more of how dope Dutch really is ! Want to see more of his work ? Make sure you following him @dutchtheomen and visit his website


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I had the opportunity to talk with one of my favorite fashion blogger couple , Rosanna & Winston Javier aka GlamDapper about the pro’s and con’s on being married , taking care of their adorable daughter and working together as a couple while having a blog. Originally from the Dominican Republic now currently residing in NY,  Their blog is primarily about their aspect on fashion, beauty, travel , lifestyle and more . Check out our convo below !


Dasia: How did you all come up with the name GlamDapper ?

GlamDapper: Glam is short for glamorous and Rosanna has always emphasized for beauty and elegance. Dapper is for Winston due to his influence by a well-groomed and sharp gentleman. We wanted to choose to adjective the helps describe our individual styles.

Dasia:  How long have you guys been together ? What made you guys start a duo blog ?

GlamDapper : We been together for 11 years and married for 5 years. People always complimented us on our style so we thought it would be a good idea to start a platform where we can give back advice to others about fashion.

FullSizeRender (1)

Dasia: Has there been any controversy since you guys are a blogger couple  ? What obstacles do you faced ? 

GlamDapper: No it’s actually been very positive, there aren’t many Latino couple bloggers and people in general relate to us.The only “obstacle” the we have faced was when brands only want one of us because their campaign only wants a female or male, we still think is beneficial and do it because ultimately we want our followers/fans to received the best we can offer.

Dasia:  You have over 100K people following your journey, how did you react when you reached 100k ?

GlamDapper:  As we started to gain followers we got very excited because it was proof that our context was well received – this also fueled us further to continue and work even harder.

Dasia:  I love when both of you guys coordinate with your outfits , Who comes up with the outfit ideas/styling etc ?

FullSizeRender (2)
GlamDapper: We both work together on outfits but for the most part Rosanna establishes the overall look. Example Rosanna might pick my shirt, blazer pants and I would pick the accessories that I thing would give it the “pop”.

Dasia:  What are good cameras to take lifestyle/outfit photos ?

GlamDapper: We use the Sony A6000 or our iPhones 6s Plus for some of our photos but when we are shooting for brands/campaigns we get a photographer to provide top notch quality because these usually end up on their websites and by doing this it serves as a resume for later work and showcases our professionalism. (This is a tool to get more work)
Dasia: What inspires both of you guys style ?

GlamDapper: Winston style is inspired by the classics infuse with some current trends and colors for the modern times. Rosanna style is inspired by the ladylike sophisticated silhouettes. Don’t give us wrong we also like the urban/casual clothes (jeans, sneakers, joggers).

Dasia: Where are you guys go to places to shop at ?

GlamDapper: We shop at many places – our goal is to provide our audience the accessibility in case they want to purchase a similar they can find it easy. Stores: Zara, Express, H&M, Forever 21, ASOS, Uniqlo, Nordstrom, Suit Supply and outlets. We love high end brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford even if we can’t afford them, but we feel it’s MORE important to use brands that most of our audience can relate to. We prefer to be the style couple of the masses not high-end models.
FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Dasia: What are you guys favorite trends?
GlamDapper: We don’t really follow “trends” we normally use our own style, mix it with some trends and in the process create a unique look.
Dasia: You guys are also parents, how do you deal with parenthood and blogging ?
GlamDapper: We have a 2 year old (Chanell) and a yorkie (Paris) we management out time by one parent babysitting while the other one works on writing, editing, researching etc.

 Dasia: Do you feel like since being in NY which is a fashion capital state there’s a better chance to make it as a blogger?

GlamDapper: Yes NY is better in terms of attending events and networking at those gatherings but thanks to technology (Internet) a couple in Montana could have a similar effect on the industry.

Dasia: Have you guys been to any fashion events in the city ? If so, where ?

GlamDapper: We’ve attended NYFW shows for the past 2 years – Michael Costello, Nicole Miller, Moniquel Huillier, Ohne Titel, Libertine, Rebecca Minkof, Bibhu Mohapatra and others can’t remember.
Dasia: That is so exciting ! Have you came across any celebrities being in NY ?


GlamDapper: Chiara Ferragni, Diddy, French Montana, Olsen Twins, Hillary Duff, Lucy Lue and many others that we can’t remember. Celebrities are not our priorities, we get more excited about creating content and engaging with our followers because we feel we can make a meaningful difference in their lives and ultimately this brings us happiness.
 Dasia: Who is pretty much in charge when it comes to editing, taking photos etc. or do you work together as a team?


GlamDapper : We generally work together although Rosanna focus more on the creative part (outfits, photo styling) Winston focus on the business side of the blog (design, emails, inquiries, contracts, ideas, editing) and for most of our photos we use a professional photographer (Andrew Morales from NYC)

Dasia : What is advice for anyone who wants to start a blog ? What can your followers expect from you this year ?

GlamDapper: Anyone that wants to voice their views on anything we say GO for it.They can expect more original content, unique partnerships with lifestyle brands and possibly the first GlamDapper “product” for consumers.



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What makes a perfect Outfit of the Day photo or #OOTD ? LA based blogger Krys Khloe (@Spotkryskhloe) gives us the tea on the key elements of taking that perfect outfit picture and how you too can be pro ! The 25 year old Los Angeles native who attended UC Berkeley to pursue law ultimately found out that law school just wasn’t her thing. “To this day, I still don’t know what exactly stopped me but I’m sure I didn’t [want to ] go to law school” . Since then she is pursuing freelance social media work, modeling for brands , gradually traveling around the world and just enjoying that SoCal sun ! Read more below !
Dasia: What is it like being a LA based blogger ?
Krys: A lot of people blog/vlog in LA so people may think it’s easier being a Blogger but it’s actually a lot of work. As a blogger, your schedule never stops unless you turn off all outlets of social media and technology. You have to continuously work hard, be on top of your game (especially e-mails), be open to new ideas and still be true to yourself.
Dasia: What are so good restaurants to eat at in LA ?
Krys: Well, I love tacos. Like I live for tacos and Korean food so I recommend Korean BBQ (Kang Ho Dong, Ahgassi Gopchang, Moodaepo II), El Taurino, Gracias Madre, Shin’s Tacos, and just any street taco truck in LA (seriously).
Dasia: Have you came across any celebrities being in LA?
Krys: Of course! I grew up in Beverly Hills so I saw Leonardo Dicaprio while I was in my car and Jennifer Love Hewitt cruising around on a different day. I saw Steve Aoki at Bottega Louie, I just saw Justin Bieber at Hyde, I see the #Songsters in Weho, and I see famous blogger/actresses throughout LA.
 FullSizeRender (34)
Dasia: What inspired you to start your blog ?
Krys: I actually started modeling for fashion brands and slowly picked up blogging in 2014. What inspired me the most was I wanted to do something I was head over heels for and I really, really wanted to find that passion.
Dasia:  How long have you been blogging ?
Krys: I’ve started blogging in 2014 but actually transitioned to Instagram/Twitter. I will be blogging Lifestyle, Food/Travel, and Beauty very soon – stay tuned!
Dasia:  If you could collab with 2 other bloggers who would they be and why ?
Krys: I’d love to collaborate with @guy_tang (hair guru and unicorn maker) and @ireneisgood because she is so inspiring, so real, and so amazing!
FullSizeRender (37)
Dasia:  Is blogging your fulltime job ?
Krys: Blogging is a full-time job and I also have side or part-time jobs.
Dasia: If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?
Krys: I would be a Creative Director or a Graphic Designer
Dasia: What are the key elements of taking a perfect #OOTD picture?
Krys:  I came up with (LAST) Lighting, Angle, Smile, and Tagging. Lighting and having the angle down is key. Smiling or having your sexy stare is a plus. Tagging/Hashtagging other brands or groups is a must for #ootd #ootn.
FullSizeRender (35)
Dasia: What are some good cameras to get for anyone who are beginners?
Krys: Everyone raves around Canon T3i or 70d because it has amazing wide lens and a self-swinging view screen where you can see yourself in frame.
Dasia: How many days out of the week do you take #OOTD pictures ?
Krys: It all depends but on average, 2-4 days a week.
Dasia: What inspires your style ? How would you describe your style?
Krys: Be who you are. If you think you can pull it off, pull it off with confidence and make it your own. My style would be casual/sporty + girly just like my name (Krys + Khloe).
Dasia: Where are your go to places to shop?
Krys: I usually do all my shopping online but my favorite place to shop would be The Grove.
Dasia: What is your intake on being a lifestyle blogger vs a fashion blogger?
Krys: Lifestyle is sharing more than your fashion; Lifestyle means you’re sharing your life on social media. You share what you eat, where you travel to, what you like, who you’re with and it gets hard because sometimes you want some things private.
 FullSizeRender (39)
Dasia: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Krys: In 5 years, I see myself loving what I do, providing for my family financially and spiritually, and settling down with the love of my life.
Dasia: How did you come up with the name “SpotKrysKhloe” ?
Krys: Well, I grew up with my brother (8 years older) calling me Krys because he wanted a younger brother. In the beginning of my college years (2009), my friends started to call me Khloe because to give me a more girly name so I became KrysKhloe. The “Spot” comes from traveling and eating a lot, so I came up the concept “SpotKryskhloe’s (food) (travel) (fashion) (beauty)”.
Dasia: How do you feel having over 30K supporters following your journey ?
Krys: I absolutely adore and #love my supporters! I just want to thank my loyal followers and their unending support and love. I love you so much!
Dasia: What are two fun facts your followers dont know about you?
Krys: I love it when I have Korean food for breakfast and Tacos for dinner or a snack. I wash my face in multiples of 7 splashes usually totaling to 21 times because I’m obsessed with the number 21 (I don’t have OCD but I’m weird).
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I had the opportunity to chat with 26 year old Australian based model and fashion blogger, Hannah Akinyemi . Originally from Lagos, Nigeria , Hannah is the Daughter of Lion of The Tribe of Judah and a pre-med graduate. Her style is very inspiring and I wanted to learn more about this gorge fashionista ! In this interview we talk blogging, Aussie culture, and of course FASHION ! Check out our convo below ! 

Dasia: When did you start blogging ? Do you blog 24/7 ?

Hannah: I started blogging in 2013 but only invested more time and effort to it in 2015. No I don’t blog 24/7. I do have another day job.

Dasia : S/o to your camera person because your photos are amazing ! What kind of camera do you use ?

Hannah: I use Canon 6D and Panasonic lx-100

Dasia: You style is very inspiring to not only me but of course to your 34K supporters who loves the way your dress. How does it feel to have a big following like that?

Hannah: It is simply amazing all the glory to God

Dasia: How has since being in Australia influenced your style ? How would you describe yours or has anyone/anything inspired your style ? Because you SLAY !!! lol

Hannah: The “who” would be other fashion bloggers and super models. Because I live in such a diverse and multicultural country, having a personal style is paramount but the multiculturalism of Australia also enables me to incorporate the vibrancy of Adelaide into my style. I would say my style is simply, classy and very effortless and it also dependent on occasion/season.

Dasia: As seen on your IG, your shoes play a very very very big role on your blog . What are some shoes that you just cannot live without ?

Hannah: The shoes I cant live without currently would have to be my ankle boots for comfort and my Christian Louboutins for style and class ( special occasions)

Dasia: What are your current trends for the spring ?

Hannah: We are ( Australian climate)  currently in autumn going into the winter season and my favourite fashion pieces would be my usual culprit the trench coats, over the knee boots and good denim.

Dasia: You are also a model, What inspired you to start modeling ?

Hannah: I have always loved taking photos and been in front of the camera and having my height/body shape is just an added bonus which qualifies me to be a model. Lets just say I was born to be a model.

Dasia: Have you been to any Australian fashion shows ? If so what were they like ?

Hannah: Yes , I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2015, it was my first Aussie  fashion show and it was so much better than I expected because up until that moment I really didn’t know much about Australian  fashion and their designers but that show was a real eye opener to Aussie fashion , talent and their sheer brilliance. 

Dasia: Have you worked with any big fashion companies? If so who were they ? If not who would you want to work with ?


Hannah: Not really, aside from a few collaborations with some companies , the fashion company I would not only want to work with but walk their runway is Victoria Secret .

Dasia: That will be really really cool ! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What can your followers expect from you in 2016?

Hannah:  Married with kids , walked the Victoria Secret runway , grace covers of the world best magazines and be an inspiration to people to follow the dream and do what God put in their hearts. [They can expect] More of everything really , lots of collaboration with fashion houses and hopefully include more travel/on the road style ideas.

Well Hannah, You’re most definitely an inspiration to women from all over the world !
Make sure you visit Hannah’s blog to keep updated on her latest style posts at and follow her at @hannahakinyem
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You may know him for styling the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model Keith Carlos or being Jacob Latimore’s stylist, but he’s just a little bit more then that. Social media is great place to network and make connections with people from all over the world and that’s exactly how I met my new friend and celebrity stylist Quinton Shotwell aka SuperDopeClosetQ. 

The twenty-four year old  Milwaukee , WI native has been traveling around the world styling countless celebrities to modeling in fashion shows to working with numerous fashion companies to being a creative director and of course making name for himself in the fashion industry. I had the opportunity to chop it up with Q about what it’s like being a stylist, having a business, and more ! Check out our convo below !

Dasia: So when did you actually become interested in fashion ?

Q: I became interested in fashion in middle school, where I signed for all local talent shows and I would gather my friends to get together cut up designers, hot glue, hand sew, make jewelry everything was hand made in college , I had a group of girls called the Dolls ( Dollface’s) they would host parties sell products and do community things, I’m thinking bout bringing them back ! The guys would always call me hue Hefner lol 
FullSizeRender (4)
Dasia : What are some of best places to shop and what are some must have trends for the spring ?
Q: Zara USA is a good one, urban brands like Joy Rich, Supreme , V Ritchie and more. Spring trends: extended tees for those hot days, white, stripes, dad hats and jerseys.

Dasia : I’m pretty sure by looking at most of your pictures everyone knows your style is DOPE ! And speaking of dope which is apart of your name , how did you come up with the name “SuperDopeClosetQ” ? 


Q:  Well I came up with the name SuperDopeCloset and it’s like a closet where you find different super dope items it can be anything clothes , accessories or fashion facts … added the Q , I’m SuperDopeQ… like Bill the science guy lol 


Dasia: You’ve been making your mark in the fashion industry as a celebrity stylist for years now , visually creating outfits for numerous people especially celebrities . What made you become a stylist ?  What was your first gig ? How did you get the job to style for Jacob Latimore ? 


Q: Styling is something that makes me complete , I can express my feelings through fabrics without explaining anything to anyone. I started off styling friends for local shoots and I feel I know fashion like the back of my hand. Like getting dressed is a piece of cake for me. My first gig was Keith Carlos of Americas Next Top Model who was the first male winner.


 (Americas Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos , styled by Q ) 

   ( Q with singer Jacob Latimore )

Well Jacob Latimore is my little cousin so there for I’m truly blessed on how it all lined up while Jacob being the star of the family for years since he was 9 , I was still in school and I was located in school in Texas and as I got into fashion more I reached out to his parents Tish and Jacob Senior , so after Texas I relocated to Atlanta and come to find out Jacob relocated there as well and we did our first magazine cover together and every since then we have been making history together he told me lets take over ! And I have been down with Jacob ever since then,  very grateful for him !


Dasia : So you also have unisex clothing store called ” ShopO2G” down in Atlanta , what’s the background story of the store ? What does O2G mean ? 

Q: Well here’s the thing, I was the creative director for the project along with two other individuals , things have changed and now I’m brand ambassador for the company . O2G is Outfits 2 Go ! So , ShopO2G lol . I didn’t come up with the name but the whole creative direction I built ! It’s something I’m very proud of , it’s like watching a bird fly from its nest . But on another note I have a huge announcement coming soon !
Fashion is a way to keep the peace in our younger growing community – Q


Q celebrated the grand opening of ShopO2G in February with family,friends and supporters. Check out a recap of the event below ! 

Dasia: Oh snap ! Cant wait to hear the news lol . What made you wanted to start a business ? What are some tips for anyone who wants to become a business owner and a stylist?
Q: Well someone informed me on a idea and I always was a business man I used to hustle hard and because being independent these days are very important.  I also wanted to be stable,  I had it rough after I moved from home where I lost everything in my life at a point three years ago. * TIPS* Well work hard, invest in your brand, never take the answer no, HAVE PAPER WORK ! That’s where I fucked up at.

( Left: Laz Alonzo , Right: Khadiya of LHHATL ; styled by Q)

( Q w/ celebrity friends, French Montana, Mimi Faust, & Kevin McCall )

Dasia : What is it like traveling to state to state styling for different celebrities ?

Q: It’s a fun learning experience , you have to be careful , get rest , eat properly, travel on a budget , it’s not all cookies and cream . 
Dasia: You are also a personal shopper, What exactly is a personal shoppers job ? What are some of the stores you get to shop ? What kind of people do you shop for ?

QYes I’m a personal shopper as well , a personal shopper is someone who can shop for you on your budget, and with out you having to go through the head ache of shopping ,lines, irritation and more ! Wow wish I had a personal shopper lol . [Places I shop at ] Saks fifth ace , Joy Rich , Ron Thompson . I shop for athletes from NFL players to soccer players.

Dasia : What type of impact do you want to make being a style influencer for the male fashion community.?

 Q: I want the fashion world to combine on more great fashion activities bring fashion to do community events, fashion is a way to keep the peace in our younger growing community . That’s who matters and who runs the world , our new generation! The new generation is taking the world by storm. I want to show troubled kids that you can change your life around , I want to show fashion is not just for gay fashion, or women fashion. Fashion is bigger than what people think !
 img_8877FullSizeRender (14)
Dasia: Modeling is also another hustle you got going on too !Congrats on modeling in LA Fashion Week !  What made you want to start modeling ?
Q: Modeling is one of my hustles that I have been honored and blessed with these past 3 years it has been getting me further and in a further direction that I never knew I would go so hard at ! What me want to model , I grew up doing it always did fashion shows.  I would model as well but after helping Keith Carlos and watching his journey with the whole thing I gave it a chance and after I really got accepted and made the audition to LAFW ( LA Fashion Week) I was ecstatic about it and thought maybe I can really do this !
Dasia: You also style for women as well, what other people or things have you styled for so far ?
Q: Well I have styled models of Americas Next Top Model, editorial spreads for magazine publications a few reality ladies. and now working my way to the top !
Dasia:  Where are some of the best places to expand your career in the fashion industry and why ?
Q: Your social media because that’s a easy place for people world wide to connect with you or see what’s going on ! Use your free markets like your social media.
 ( Left : Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda, Top: Alix Lapri, Bottom: Kevin Mccall ; styled by Q)
I want to show troubled kids that you can change your life around- Q
Dasia: What more can we expect from you this year ?
Q: Hmmmmmm, I have a huge collab coming as well, dropping my line this year . makeup for the ladies.
Dasia: Oooopppp ! You heard it hear first you guys ! Make sure you stay tuned lol !
Make sure to follow Q  @superdopeclosetq
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You may have seen some of her work on your explore tab on Instgram of some 90s inspired prints of classic movies and tv shows like for instance the Martin clutch bag . No wait .. the  Kid n Play one or no what about the Coming to America one ? But wait …. Who is she ? …. 

Twenty six year old , Cleveland native Kashmir Thompson has been making a name herself through social media with her creative art by touching so many people and bringing the 90s back to life with her fashionable custom made unique designs and it was only right that I get the tea and learn more ! In this exclusive interview we talk business , her starting stages , and how her custom 1990 designs are making a difference in African American culture today . Read more below ! 


Dasia : First of all ,your work is outstanding !!! And I’m pretty sure your 21k followers on IG can agree as well . What made you start your own business ? 

Kashmir : Thank you!!! I’ve literally being drawing and selling my art since probably about 2006ish. It just really started catching on recently, but I’ve always been in the business of creating and selling, all the way since high school. 

Dasia : What is the meaning behind your Instagram name Kashmirviii. How did you come up with that ? 

Kashmir : Well my first name (yes my real name lol) is Kashmir. Viii in Roman numbers is 8. Which is short for the brand me and my fiancé have called creviii (create).

Dasia: How old were you when you first started drawing ? 

Kashmir : I’ve been drawing for as long as I could hold things. I realized I loved it around 5 and knew it was my calling around 13! 

I chose to highlight the parts of my childhood that gives me the best memories.

Dasia: Where did you go to school for drawing ? 

Kashmir : I attended the Cleveland school of the arts from 8th grade until I graduated high school where I majored in visual art and photography . 

Dasia : Lets talk about to the beginning stages of Creviii . What was it like dealing with any obstacles that you may have had ? 

Kashmir : Honestly, I didn’t deal with too many obstacles starting [out] . All of my obstacles are new because as my brand grows, so do my problems. I just try to take things one day at a time and stay focused and work diligently to eliminate problems for myself. I try not to make more obstacles than I already have by paying attention to detail and not taking on more work than I can bare.  

Dasia : Was there anything or anyone that inspired you to start drawing ? 

Kashmir : My dad was a big inspiration. He was very creative and eclectic. My stepdad could also draw and paint really well and was a big inspiration during my teen years . 


I wrote a lot of poetry in high school and won tons of poetry slams and speech contests . 

Dasia : I love that your brand focuses spefically on the 90s characters from films and tv shows . It’s very organic and unique . Your most famous ” You so crazy ” clutch bag inspired by one of the best television shows and one of my favorites , Martin went viral.  How did you come up with these ideas for your line . 
Kashmir :  I came up with these ideas by really focusing on what made me happy as a kid…and that was Martin and shows like Martin. I chose to highlight the parts of my childhood that gives me the best memories.

( Kashmir meeting Tisha Campbell Martin  aka Gina from Martin at Bossip event ) 
Dasia : Other then the clutch bags, do you sell any other items with similar prints ? 

Kashmir : Yes!  I also sale tees, prints and posters, coasters, tote bags and more! 

Dasia : Who are favorite artists and why ?

Kashmir : My favorite artists are Keturah Ariel, Frida Kahlo, Kehinde Wiley and Romare Bearden to name a few! They all are amazing artists with very unique and distinctive styles 

Dasia : What are some fun facts your followers dont know about you ? 

Kashmir : Hmm. One fun fact is I wrote and illustrated a short story at the age of 7 that the Cleveland municipal school district published! Another fun fact is that I originally wanted to be a writer growing up. I wrote a lot of poetry in high school and won tons of poetry slams and speech contests . 
Dasia : What do you plan to do in the next 5 years ? 


( Tasha Smith with Coming to America clutch bag ) 

Kashmir : The next 5 years I hope to be a household name! I want to be doing exactly what I’m doing now, just on a much larger scale 
Dasia : What advice can you give aspiring artists, designers or entrepreneurs who wants to start their own business ? 

Kashmir : Don’t give up on it if it’s something you want to do! Read up about branding and management and make your business appealing! 

Make sure to check out Kashmir’s store for more 90s inspired bags, tees , and more at

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I caught up with fashion blogger , Tiffany aka Fannyphx and she is the true definition of a fashion- killer . Her style influences so many people in the fashion community with her creative outfit of the day photos and her colorful backgrounds .  In this interview we talk style, photography and how to manage being mom and fashion blogger . Check out our talk below !
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FullSizeRender (8)
Dasia : When did you start your blogging journey ?

Tiffany : Oh gosh, I started when I was a senior in highschool when Myspace was still the main social outlet (tbt!) and I tried my hand at youtube but I had a horrible webcam so I stuck to taking OOTD pics and have been doing that on and off for several years now.

Dasia :  What is the back story of your name “fannyphx ”  ?


Tiffany : I was actually made fun of in middle school for having a big butt (yet everyone loves big booties now LOL) and so people used to jokingly call me bubble butt and big booty fanny and for some reason fanny just stuck and something that started out as a joke became my nickname – my actual name is Tiffany so I guess it kind of goes with that too!

Dasia :  Your style is like no other ! What or who inspires your look ? 


Tiffany : I would say just a mixture of people – Honestly, I don’t think I’ve found my ‘me’ look yet I think I’m still trying to find who I am as a person and personal style goes along with that. I get inspiration from everything – art, food, friends, family, and of course other bloggers and stylists.

FullSizeRender (3)


 Dasia: Where are your go to favorite places to shop ?


Tiffany : Come onnnnnnn, the thrift store!!! 😉 But if I had to go commercial I would say H&M, Zara, Asos, Forever 21 and LuLus.


Dasia:  How would you describe your style ?

Tiffany : I would say I’m Thrifty/Sporty/Chic – idk if that’s a thing lol

Dasia: What are your current favorite trends ?


Tiffany: I’m definitely loving neutrals and monochromatic looks that’s in right now – I have always been in to Olive so it’s nice that it’s finally getting so much love!


Dasia:  You have 14k active supporters who are inspired by your style ! How do you feel about that ?


Tiffany : It’s crazy ! I just hope I’m not boring everyone with the white background but EVERYONE does outside pics and I really just wanted to bring something different. Trust me, sometimes I want to take it outside too but I just can’t. I hope that people enjoy my pics and when they come to my page they’re like, ‘this is different’.

FullSizeRender (6)


Dasia: Not only are you a style influencer , you’re also a mommy !  What is it like being a blogger and mother ? Is blogging your full time job besides being a mom ? 


Tiffany: It’s intense,  I work from home as well so throw that in with blogging and taking care of an almost 2 year old, it’s a whirlwind sometimes lol I just try to make a schedule for things and I usually take photos when she’s napping or after she’s gone to sleep for the day. Otherwise she would be all up in my pics or touching equipment and clothes in the studio and both me and her dad would go crazy!


Dasia: Lol , Have you faced any obstacles being a mom ?


Tiffany: Definitely, I mean being a parent is HARD. Not only do you constantly second guess yourself because you’re not sure if you’re doing things right or wrong or good enough but at the end of the day as long as my daughter is healthy and happy then I feel like, ‘okay, maybe you’re not as horrible as you think you are.’ I feel like on the outside looking in to any person who has kids, you think they have everything together but honestly it’s a mess and we’re just trying to keep our head above water.


Dasia:  I absolutely love your pictures ! They’re very high quality and clean with the different color backgrounds . Where do you take them ?


Tiffany: We have a photo studio in our house – both me and my bf are in creative fields so it really works for us!

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (7)



Dasia:  What are some tips for someone who wants to start a blog or become a fashion blogger ?


Tiffany :  I would say the biggest tip is to always be true to yourself and that will show through your photos and your personality online. Don’t do or wear something just because other bloggers are because that usually doesn’t translate well if it’s not really YOU.

Dasia: What are you goals for 2016 ? Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Tiffany : My goal is to just continue to grow as a person and as a mother! I just want to be happy and healthy and live life to the fullest 🙂 I’m not 100% sure yet! I’ve learned to live in the moment and take things as they come.

FullSizeRender (4)
For more on Tiffany’s fashionable looks make sure to follow her at @fannyphx

And also visit


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Setting a name for yourself in the fashion industry can be a bit of a hassle but in order for anybody to be successful is based on their content , consistentcy and what you bringing to the table and our girl Jie Zheng does just that . She gives us a view of her show – A One Woman Show , of how creative she is with outfits and the quality of her pictures via Instagram . Originally from Maryland but now residing in Virginia , this 18 year old has been making a name for herself and sets the tone as an influencer towards the fashion community frmany parts of the world and we wanted to learn more ! Let’s say goodbye to Febraury and hello to March with Jie ! Read more below !

Dasia : When did you know that you had a love for fashion ? 
Jie : I enjoyed fashion since I first started dressing myself. I just knew when I put on an outfit I felt good in it . It had to ability to change my attitude. I think almost anyone experiences that. Later, that evolved to fashion being a way to express myself. Since I am more introverted, my clothes were able to convey who I am, without saying much. Fashion created an identity for myself.










When dressing myself I put on what I feel confident in that day.


 I am a first generation Chinese-American. In my vocational high school, I was enrolled in the nursing assistant program and later graduated with my CNA and GNA license. However, in college I returned to this passion after I chose to major in Art and Visual Technology over the Biology major my parents forced. 


Dasia : Who inspires your style ? 

Jie : All the people on social media inspire me daily. Which includes people I follow and my followers. Everyone is so creative online, so when I need something new I just scroll through my feed. Also, an inspiration person wise would be Rihanna. I’ve been a fan of her since the beginning and now I appreciate her style so much more. I admire her versatility and daringness. Her style reflects the mash up of street style and high fashion, that I want to create. 

Dasia : How did you come to have so many supporters following you and your style ? 

Jie : I began when I was a freshman in high school, I believe. I just saw other influencers on Instagram and picked up on their methods. I saw people responded to my fashion related posts, so I kept my posts consistent. Over the few years, I just grew my viewer base. It’s constantly still a surprise when I think about how many people follow me. 

Dasia : How would you describe your style ?

Jie : I would separate my style from the way I dress my self and the way I would style a shoot. When dressing myself I put on what I feel confident in that day. I may be in a bomber and sneakers one day and then a blouse and heels another. I tried to come up with a technique of if I have a more masculine look, then I’ll wear dressier shoes, and if I am dressed up then I’ll pair my look with sneakers. 


On the other hand, when I’m styling it’s always more extreme than I would wear daily. When creating a look for a look book or editorial, I aim for the clothes to convey a feeling or story to the viewer. You can still see the mix of street style and high fashion come through with my styling and design.








I just like to call myself a creator since I work in styling, designing, directing, photography, graphic design, etc.


Dasia : What are your favorite fashion pieces ? 

Jie : I think shoes and jackets make the outfit so I can never get enough. My pieces with the most longevity would be a pair of black-heeled boots, a leather jacket, Adidas Stan Smiths, my black turtleneck, and a perfect pair of light washed distressed denim.

Dasia : Where are your favorite places to shop ?

Jie : I’ve never had the funds to be able to splurge so I love my Forever 21 and H&M. However, I need everything at Zara and Topshop. Also, I love finding online brands through my feeds.


Dasia : Would you consider yourself a fashion blogger ? If so , what made you become a blogger ? 

Jie : I’ve never used the term fashion blogger to describe myself. I think of bloggers of those that have their blog or website platform and write to their viewers. My main outlet is Instagram, where I just have photo posts. I have thought about blogging but I am a visual person. I can put across my ideas better through an image than writing.


( Above : Preview of Jie’s lookbook from her tumblr page . View at

I just like to call myself a creator since I work in styling, designing, directing, photography, graphic design, etc. I think this applies for so many other influencers on social media today. I think it’s amazing how all these influencers are picking up all these skills and building themselves. 

Dasia : Have you worked with or are you currently working with brands ?

Jie : I’ve worked with online brands, which I really appreciate. I build a connection with the owners many of the time, and I am able to witness their growth, as well as be part of the process.

Dasia : What can your followers expect from you in 2016 ? 

Jie : 2015 is when I decided to take the leap into putting all my cards into a career in fashion. Right from then, things have only started to go up. 2016 is the year I will establish my work and allow the public to understand what I do. I want to showcase my portfolio in styling, design, directing, and photography. I have already started working on my own designs, so I hope everyone will be able to see those pieces soon!


Well there you have it ! We can’t wait to see the great content Jie has for usbin the future so make sure you stay tuned and follow her journey @zh_ng

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For a male to slay everyday and inspire and influence men and women in the fashion community with his style  , we all must show love , support and give credit when it’s due . Im sooo happy to have had the opportunity to talk with the phenomenonal Canadian native Jalen Nelson aka LickMyFashion about fashion , life , and more  . He was one of the first males I started to follow in Fxshnjunke’s  beginning stage and I’m so honored to have interviewed him and can’t wait in til the day we actually get to meet in person  . Check out our convo below !


( Burgundy Pom hat is from our friends over at the  @thenuvogue . Shop here ) 


Dasia : Around when I first started Fxshnjunke I was looking for alot of people for inspiration to follow and then I came across you and immediately fell in love with your style. Where did ‘LickMyFashion’ originate from ?

Jalen : First I would just like start off by saying thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be apart of your blog. I love how you incorporate other bloggers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts on your page! You show a lot of love and give credit where it’s due, reasons why I follow your page so keep it up.

 I really appreciate the love you give to my page on a consecutive basis, you’re amazing ! It’s crazy to say what Lickmyfashion actually originated from. I can remember this day like no tomorrow, my previous name used to be “Fashion Moneytip” as crazy as that sounds! I felt like I needed a name that was more hip, that screamed the way I dress, so I sat down for hours really trying to figure out a name that would catch everyone’s attention. I then came up with the name Lickmyfashion and it stuck with me ever since. This name definitely originated from the creativity of myself, I wanted it to represent a case of knowing how to be comfortable in your skin and wearing whatever you want without letting others validate you. Be you, be comfortable and don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear or be, do your thing and stick with it!

Dasia : Thanks so much for the compliment it’s sounds so good coming from you , I most definitely will continue to keep it up  🙂 . So , you have about over 43K followers on IG , How did you become to have so many supporters ?

Jalen : To be honest, I think it just came from me being genuine and also being myself! I’m just a guy who wants to change the world by making everyone comfortable in his or her own skin because I struggled with that growing up. I dress creative and unique not just to showcase my fashion but to also let people know not to let others stop you from doing what you truly want to do or be in life. There’s a message behind the way I dress and that’s just to simply be you and take risks because someone will appreciate it! Once people seen that’s how I was they just adapted to me. I feel like another reason why I have that following base is because of my personality. You don’t really get people who have a following to showcase their funny or goofy side, I do all of those things to let everyone know I’m a human being just like everyone else and it’s okay to let loose and not fake the funk.

Dasia : Some of your early supporters that have been following your journey every since you had a blog . What ever happen to your blog ? Will you have start blogging again ?

Jalen : Yes, a lot of people have been asking me the same question. I wouldn’t say I stopped blogging, I just put in on hold for a bit. The reason why I did that was because I got super busy with styling others, doing vlogs and many other things that I couldn’t really handle it as much anymore. I also felt like my website needed a change, a whole new different atmosphere so I decided to put it under construction for a while. I will definitely be blogging again, I have to because that’s what I started off with and those are my roots! I re-launch my website February 28th and I’m so excited because it’s going to be a whole new wave, vibe and have a different feel to it. Stay tuned for what that website has in store!

Dasia : What made you want to become a stylist ?

Jalen : As it crazy at it sounds, I didn’t really know I was going to become a stylist. I just thought I was going to be this guy headed out to become one of the biggest fashion enthusiasts in the world and that was it, until I started working at stores and dressing individuals. Every single shift I worked I would always style something. Whether it’d be a person, mannequin or just simply giving my input on things within the store and how it looked, I knew this is what I should be doing. I then expanded on my brand and started styling people internationally including my own city! I enjoy it, I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my whole entire life, I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s come to the point where I would style people even if I wasn’t getting paid and once you reach that level, you won’t fail!










If I talk a certain way , I’m gay ! If I look a certain way , I’m gay ! If I express my personality , Im gay !


Dasia : What keeps you motivated ? 

Jalen : Definitely my supporters 100% and I mean that. The supporters that I have are so sincere to me that it’s almost hard to believe. This “life” is still so surreal to me you know? People screaming when they see me in public, people wanting to take pictures with me, it hasn’t really kicked in yet because I’m a human being just like everyone else but I really do appreciate everyone’s support, it never goes unnoticed. My supporters are literally my rock and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I do it because know they wouldn’t want to see me give up in what I truly believe in and that’s real. There are people out there who watch my videos because it keeps them going, it keeps them stable and knowing that, I have to keep going! I just want to make them proud. My mother and close friends are what keep me going also, they want to see me succeed and they don’t look at me any differently even though I’ve gained this following. I just want to put my mother in a mansion and bring my family and friends with me when I get to where I need to be!

Dasia : I’m curious to know , how long have you been styling ? Your work is soooo good . 

Jalen : I’ve been styling for over a year and a half now, it actually hasn’t even been that long to be honest. I’ve been into fashion ever since I was younger, my career started off with me just taking pictures on different wall settings, being creative with outfits and showcasing what I can do with my outfits! That then turned into me working at different retail stores dressing up different clients here and there and that’s how I knew styling was for me. I was always a stylist in my head but once I executed it is when I actually became one, which wasn’t too long ago!

Dasia : What and who inspires your style on a everyday basis?

Jalen : Definitely this generation. I say this because there are so many of us in society who are afraid to wear what they truly want to wear or showcase a daring side when it comes to fashion. A lot of the times we feel like we can’t do it because we’ll get judged or we’ll be afraid of what others may say/think about it. The real thing about that is, yes we will continue to be judged because that’s just how society truly is but you can’t pay attention to that because people will say things about you good or bad regardless. Taking risks is big when it comes to fashion and if I can help the world and show them it’s okay to wear different things and be creative, then I’ll do it! The person who inspires me the most to style on a day-to-day basis is definitely God. I say this because my brand is not just a brand but it’s a ministry. I get to showcase styling others through God and encourage them to walk in their faith also. As a Christian I feel like God has given me this talent to showcase what it intends and to let people who God is and what he can do for your situations!

Dasia : Most of your supporters know that  you have been seen on the hilarious comedian Youtuber Latoya Forever ( who I am a huge fan of ) videos  , who is well known for her skits , pranks , and her vlog channel Latoya’s Life – which gives us an inside and behind the scenes look at her personal life that includes family , friends , drama and more . You’ve been styling her for quite some time now , How did you two meet ? 


Jalen : Oh yes! Latoya Forever, my girl! This all started in 2015 around April. It’s funny because my friend introduced me to her youtube channel and then I became hooked as ever because you know how her vlogs be! One thing lead to another and I was at an event and happened to bump into her friend Rochelle (Crazylightskingirl) I complemented her on her videos, she complimented on my styling and then it went from there. She liked my work and asked me to style her, I ended up being on her vlogs and everybody enjoyed the way I styled her and that was the most rewarding gift ever. Rochelle then told Latoya about who I was and what I do and Latoya told me to reach out! I then commented on her picture and she replied back and told me to contact through Instagram Direct Message and that’s how it all happened. 


( Above : Jalen seen with Latoya Forever & Rochelle aka CrazyLightSkinGirl and the outfits that he styled for them ) 

I started styling her often and it got to the point where we built a solid relationship with each other because we both are alike, we just clicked and become close ever since! It’s still surreal to me how I was just another fan and now she’s like a bigger sister to me, I will always have respect for her because she has contributed to my business, so has Rochelle! I will always give my biggest respects to Rochelle because she didn’t have to do what she did, I wasn’t looking for that either. All I wanted to do was style women, forget that whole fame and following thing for a second, this is a passion within itself. Shout out to them both for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to give them fashion knowledge as beautiful as they are!

Watch Latoya Forever ‘s vlog on how they met below !

Dasia : You ended alot of controversy when you addressed on one of Latoya’s vlogs that you are single and straight but have a flamboyant style, how did you overcome that ? Did you hold on to it for a while and then decided it needed to be addressed ? How did you feel after you told the entire world ?

Jalen : I felt like I had to put an end to it or at least let people know because people were always questioning my sexuality and were just curious. Not that it’s anyone’s personal business because it isn’t but I felt like I had to set the record straight. For my whole entire life I was judged, made fun of for being myself and having “flamboyancy” to my personality. People’s perceptions on other’s when it comes to stereotypes is crazy. If I talk a certain way, I’m gay! If I look a certain way, I’m gay! If I express my personality, I’m gay! I never won in that department because no matter what I do and still do till this day, I’m still gay which is sad for the most part but the way society is set up I can’t really blame them either. People need to understand that just because you’ve experienced something doesn’t mean you are that. If it’s for you then it’s for you, if it’s not don’t let society force you to be that or tell you who you are. 

 ( Above : Jalen with supermodel Winnie Harlow ) 

I was judged my whole entire life to the point where I really thought I was gay and have had experiences with other men to really understand if this “lifestyle” was for me or not. I realized it wasn’t and decided to put that in my past. That’s something I’m not looking back towards so if I tell you that’s not me anymore, accept it and move on . Just like when someone’s on drugs and they make the decision to stop, does it still make them a drug addict? When a girl becomes a prostitute certain part in her life and then decides she shouldn’t be doing it anymore, does that still make her a prostitute? It’s all the same thing to be honest. People need to stop separating the theme of “being gay” from everything else. 

Even though my [Youtube] channel is called LickMyFashion, I share with them my personal struggles and how human I really am instead of this mini pedestal a lot of people put me on.

Either way , after me addressing the situation I felt like it got a tad bit worse but what can you do ? People will label you as something and as soon as you disregard what they want you to be, “your in denial” or “your lying” but at the end of the day it’s my choice and how I want to live my life and I’m proud to say that God has really been at with me fighting all the negativity that has been coming my way. After telling the world that I was single and straight, I felt relieved and filled with joy ! It’s out there so I know longer have to explain myself anymore even if they believe me or not!

Dasia : Not only are you a style influencer and have been on other Youtubers videos , You also have own Youtube chanel by the name of your brand ‘Lick My Fashion’ , what made you create a channel ?

Jalen : Yes, so offside me being a stylist I also have a youtube channel called Lickmfashion that showcases my life on a more personal level! I made a youtube channel because I felt like people wanted to see a more personal side of how I really am. They wanted more than just pictures, outfits, or little 15 second clips. They wanted to experience Jalen for once and not Lickmyfashion since they already get that so I said to myself why not give them more. Even though my channel is called Lickmyfashion, I share with them my personal struggles and how human I really am instead of this mini pedestal a lot of people put me on. I also have a goofy and funny side people enjoy in person, so why not give that experience on youtube as well. I’m a people person and love to interact with others, so I felt creating a channel was a great decision.

Dasia : Can your subscribers expect more videos from you other then vlogs in the future ? If so , what kind of videos? 

Jalen : Yes, my subscribers can expect more videos from me other than my vlogs! I started out with doing a lot of fashion videos but because the demand was so high for viewing my life by others, I felt as though I needed to change the demeanor for a bit and give the viewers a glance of how my life really is. As you guys know, Season 2 of my vlogs will be premiering again either March 3rd or 10th with a whole new demeanor. I will be showcasing more look book videos when it comes to fashion, adding more styling clients to my videos and showcasing dance tutorials also. It will be a different vibe, different wave and a whole lot of fun!

Dasia : OMG I miss dancing so much , that’s actually something I wanted to do when I revamp my YouTube channel , definitely can’t wait . Make sure you guys stay tuned ! 

Dasia : So , do you see a difference in fashion as far as trends being from Canada ? 

Jalen : I definitely see a difference in fashion being from Canada. I feel as though we usually get our trends updated after everyone else like America, the European, etc… Not saying our fashion isn’t at it’s status because we can be very creative, but America is always updated on the newest stuff and always has multiple ideas when it comes to fashion and looking great!

(Fun Fact : Jalen is the creative director for our friends over at Genrevaein , who was created by my girl @trishonna ) 

Dasia : What are your thoughts on today’s fashion trends ? 

Jalen : Is it safe to say I don’t really keep up with it as much as I used to? I’m always looking to start my own trends or do my own thing that I sometimes don’t pay attention to what the latest trends are. Being realistic, I started to tap into them more just for styling purposes so it gives me a better understanding of what people like at a certain time period. Looking into today’s trends I’d say for the most part are real better than the  previous trends. I’m all about color and the most recent trends have been about color which I’m quite content about!

Dasia : How would you describe your style ? 

Jalen : I would describe my style as “Risky”. There are no limitations when it comes to wearing what I truly what I want to wear. A lot of the times I never look for validation to wear something, I just wear it and create some type of movement behind. You ask what the movement is? For everyone to be daring even if others don’t appreciate because out of all the people that may not appreciate it, there will be one person that does! Never be afraid to take risks and try something new!

Dasia : If you could style 5 celebrities , who would they be ?

Jalen : If I could style 5 celebrities, they would be Rihanna, Pharrell, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Zendaya. I feel like these 5 celebs all bring something very different to the table. They’re all daring and different in their own way, their style is immaculate and I will definitely be styling them in the near future, when you speak something into existence it will most definitely happen! 

Dasia : I totally agree ! I speak everything into existence ! What can we expect from Lick My Fashion for rest of 2016?

Jalen : You can expect a lot of new heights from LickMyFashion in 2016. My website will be coming out on February 28th, 2016. Once my website launches I will be opening up another page showcasing how I style others in a professional way. I don’t want to give too much away but a lot is about be executed, I just hope everybody is prepared for it. I am definitely a stylist who does one more than just one thing and that’s what I’m trying to represent. A stylist who can do more than just styling. 

Dasia :  If anyone wanted your styling services, how could they hire you as their stylist ?

If anyone wants to be styled or hire me as their personal stylist, they can email me at Anything you need done when it comes to fashion I can do for you. Revamping your closets, taking you shopping, personal shopping while you’re not there; you name it, I do can it for you. My instagram followed by every other social media accounts is LICKMYFASHION also. I’m pretty much open to anyone reaching out to me anywhere whether it’d email, direct message over Instagram or Twitter.


Jalen’s Conculsion Message : 

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for having me apart of this interview and your blog, I love to be included in things like this simply because this can always bring inspiration to someone in this world. My main goal is style people internationally through Christ and get everyone understand that they can make it If they don’t give up, even if you feel like giving up understand that there’s somebody out there routing for you and showing support. I just want people to be comfortable within themselves to try new things also and take risks when it’s necessary.
So there you have it folks ! Thank you so much Jalen for this wonderful interview, hope to meet you soon !

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